Thursday, September 2, 2010

High Speed.....

Line from Ghostbusters (read blog about a Book With No Name and you'll understand why this movie quote was chosen.) " I recorded a workout and played it back at high speed. I got a 30 minute workout in 10 minutes. Saved time - that's good."

Well, that quote says it all for me today. I feel like my life has been at high speed all day. That is after I woke-up 30 minutes late. Things just kept spiraling out of control from that point on. It's almost 3:00pm CST and I think the top is slowing and things are settling back into norm
al time. However, I'm not willing to place a bet on anything right at the moment. There's still a lot of agenda left for today before I can say for sure how the second half is going to trend.

I did find a real bargain today at Michael's Crafts store. Loops and Threads yarn 4/10$. I don't typically knit with acrylic, but I have a lot of people in my life that love it and as I was not put on this earth to crush anyone's groove, I oblige and find the best quality acrylic I can when on sale and put it in the stash for their gifts and projects. And I must say that they had an ombre yarn with a color scheme that made me want to faint. I actually bought some for myself - it'll be a pillow for the studio. The colors are fuchsia/Velveeta orange/and about three others that I can't remember at the moment, but they were good, too. You see color is my weak spot - if Interpol wanted to come after me for something, all they would need to do is set-up a sting that had something to do with color and they'd have me good! So, I tell myself that the universe knew that today would be at high speed and it waited until today to put this gorgeous color yarn on sale so that I could get some to help others and have a little treat for myself. Pretty sneaky!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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