Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Holiday Sparkle Scarf.....

This pattern is now available on Ravelry as well. Enjoy.

Holiday Sparkle Scarf

Diana Mullins-Atkinson
Oz Dust Designs and The Green Girl Studio

This scarf is made from a Aran 10/ ply yarn with just a bit of glitter in order to give the Autumn and Holiday season a little sparkle.
This scarf while having some yarn overs (for the girly effect) in the sections between the gathers still has enough density to give warmth during the colder parts of the year.
The yarn used for the test scarf is “I Love This Yarn – Sparkle” which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby craft stores or from their online store. I highly suggest trying this yarn. I was highly suspect of the quality, but with some sage advice from friends, I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. I think this would look lovely in an angora or other natural fibers as well. However, I truly believe that a pattern is just a jumping off point to make an item truly your own, so choose the yarn of your choice, the color of your choice and have fun!
Peace and joy to you all…
The Green Girl

Close-up of pattern: Gathers with yarn over sections between.

Knit stitch
Purl Stitch
Cast On (CO)
Bind Off
Weaving ends
Yarn over
Knit 2 together (K2tog)

Yarn: Red Sparkle – I Love This Yarn – available at Hobby Lobby stores or their online store ( If not available or if you prefer a different yarn, choose an Aran/10 ply or comparable.

2 skeins yarn (approx. 502 yards/460meters)
1 pair size US 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles or size to obtain gauge
1 yarn needle for weaving in the ends

20sts = 6 inches/row

CO 20 stitches
Rows 1-2: Knit entire row
Row 3:  Pattern stitch (K2, yo, K2tog). End row on K2tog
Row 4-6: Knit entire row
Row 7: Increase each stitch for the entire row. You should end up with 40 stitches.
Row 8: Purl entire row
Row 9: Knit entire row
Row 10: Purl entire row
Row 11: Knit entire row
Row 12: Purl entire row
Row 13: Decrease by K2tog across the entire row. You should now have 20 stitches again.
Row 14: Purl entire row
Repeat Rows 1-14 until scarf is approximately 50-55inches long and end with a section of Rows 1-6. Bind off all stitches. Weave in the starting tail and ending tail.
Feel free to make the scarf longer or shorter depending upon your needs.
The yarn used for the test piece can be blocked using steam if you want a blocked look, but it is not necessary.

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