Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Long and Winding Week.....

I have been convinced all day that it was Friday. That this was the last day I would come to work this week and the last day before I could sleep in and snuggle my pillow for two days (I live a simple life - and simple things tend to bring me the most comfort - so yes I like to snuggle my pillow.) This has been a rough week for me in terms of health, as the plague decided to visit me for 5 days, plus a sinus headache to beat all this afternoon. That headache tells me it is Autumn in Illinois. The crops are coming out of the fields so the air is filled with stuff that makes me sneeze (this part will pass.) However, there has been good success with my new pattern, which thrills me no end, so that offsets some of the yuck from the week. My sweet nephew, Nic turned 9, my sweet, Kate calls me by name whenever she sees me now (that thrills beyond anything.) On the personal front a great week. And I also had lunch with two wonderful friends. Just us girls - very nice and we're considering making it a habit. Yeah! However, it was at this lovely lunch that I was informed that is was only Thursday. After I did some counting backwards on my fingers, I realized they were not playing a dirty trick on me and that indeed it was only Thursday.

I could be disappointed, sad, depressed (that tomorrow is not snuggle the pillow morning,) but instead I have decided that I am the most fortunate person I know. I was just given the gift of another day. A day that  apparently I thought I had already lived. How often does that happen? Another day to knit, another day to get my Autumn collection finished (believe me when I say I need it,) another day to love my DH, enjoy my home and care for my friends. Yeah!! And a big thanks to Nancy and Sandy for giving me back my Friday.

In regard to my Autumn collection, I'm getting ever closer to finishing. I really think there's a chance that I will not have to extend my deadline even a day, but I still need every minute in order to make that deadline. I picked up the last of the test yarn today, the names for the patterns are done, a few pieces have been test knit and the rest are almost complete. I've sent the muse on vacation for a week in order to stay focused on the pieces I have to finish. As soon as the collection is published, the muse can once again work her magic.

So, all in all a good week and I still have another day left. Hope yours is going well!

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

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