Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Viruses, Birthdays, and Sparkle.....

Hi Folks - Well I'm back after a several day hiatus (due to stomach flu.) Whatever this little virus was, it has put me down good. I am finally back on 7-Up and crackers today. The best part is that the nauseating headache has finally gone. Ugh!!! It's good to know that my immune system did it's job (don't want a lazy immune system - not good.)

Today is a special day, as my nephew Nic is turning 9 years old. Nic is my brother's youngest son and middle child. He is smart, kind, loving and so funny! This kid has a sense of humor to rival most professional comedians. He keeps us in stitches. Nic has wanted to be a vet since he was about 3 years old. He adores animals - horses - cats - dogs - fish - you name it.... So, when his uncle Dave and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said, "I want a stethoscope. Not a  baby one, but a real one. I have to start learning about the heart and lungs for when I'm vet." I'm just sayin' if this kid doesn't become a vet, I'll be quite surprised. He has great focus for a nine year old. Anyway, that's what he's getting from Dave and I. As I'm the only family member with a medical background (almost 30 years) I'll be thrilled to pass on my skills and teach him how to use the stethoscope. I know this as well, whatever Nic becomes in his professional life, I will always be proud of this child. Just thinking about him makes me smile. I'm lucky to be his aunt!

OK - in between the virus and the birthday, I have had a few moments of un-nauseated clarity  and  I have started my own holiday scarf (pattern to be on Ravelry in a few days.) It's a simple gather stitch with sections of yarn overs between. The thing that makes this really special is the yarn. I've said it before, I don't typically use acrylic yarn unless someone has requested it and basically never for myself. However, I've been chatting with some fellow Ravelers in Hobby Lobby Harlots forum (ok - this name cracks me up - Hobby Lobby is craft store that makes no bones about that fact that they a Christian oriented establishment. They even play hymns as their background music - so the whole harlot thing is just too funny!) All that aside, this store has a nice yarn department as they are one of the best yarn stores in this area, I shop there. They have a brand called, "I Love That Yarn" and "I Love That Yarn Sparkle."  100% Acrylic! I have ignored this product for a long time for reasons already mentioned. However, the Harlots (hee hee hee - gets me every time) cannot stop extolling the virtues of this product line. So, while there one day last week before the plague set in, I noticed this lovely red yarn with a thread of silver sparkle running through it. Very Nice! I touched it and thought perhaps it wasn't acrylic after all, but the label said that indeed it was acrylic. Well, I'll be tossed in the river... This is pretty good stuff in terms of feel, but how would it work up. I bet the thread would split and look awful. Nope - wrong again. It works up well, too. It's obvious that I bought a skein, just one, I mean let's not push this thing. And after working and ripping out four versions of this pattern that the muse planted in my brain (it's all her as by this time, the plague was upon me and I couldn't think straight) I came up with what I consider a soft, sparkly, pretty little holiday or winter scarf. As I love red, this is will be worn at times other than the holidays. As is it my scarf, I don't care if anyone else likes the yarn or color. I like it.

Now, when I went to take photographs, the one with the flash turned out the right color, but lacked in showing the pattern detail. The one with no flash, looks orange (which I would love just as well if the yarn came in that color,) but shows the pattern well. All in all pretty and sparkly!!!

OK - must sign off for now, as headache is returning. I think I've done too much work on the computer to fast. 7-Up and crackers here I come.

Peace and joy and health to you all.....

The Green Girl

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