Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat and Kitchen Shears....

Well, it is officially Halloween here in the Midwestern section of the Untied States. Later this afternoon children from all over the neighborhood will descend upon our front door in their sweet, strange, scary and funny costumes. I love to see the littlest ones - perhaps it is their first official "trick or treat" outing - they look confused and a bit frightened - I gently speak to them, offer them a candy and snicker inwardly to myself as I know that mom and dad will have a child climbing the walls due to the upcoming sugar rush that will possess their little darling in a few short hours. Perhaps that is the "trick" of the evening. 

Regardless of the effect on the local children, I have my sweet treats ready for passing out when their pilgrimage brings them to my door.  I have such fond memories of Halloween when I was a child. There was always a party at school, we would all dress in costume, the room mother's would bring cupcakes and we would all bring candy to pass out to each other and then we would all vote on best costume. Then later after dinner, we would grab our plastic pumpkins or brown paper market bags and out we'd go to greedily beg sweets from every house in the neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhood if we were brave enough to wander into places unfamiliar by day and even more so by night. Then we would shuffle home and start the gorging. Anything homemade was checked over, for even in the good old days there were tales of razor blades in the popcorn balls and drugs in the candied apples. However, all pre-wrapped candy and gum was open season. 

Now, please don't think that we just poured our loot out onto the table and had at it, oh no - this was a synchronized maneuver. Candy bars in a pile to the left, suckers to the right, gum in the middle, etc... The candy we knew we'd never eat had a special pile all its own to be given sweetly to dear old dad the next day (for as we know, dad's will eat just about any sweet, at least mine would.) Then the candy eating frenzy would begin in earnest. First the chocolate, then the fruity bits and on and on until someone would say, "I have a stomach ache." Or as happened to me when I was eight... my best friend and I had a sleep over at my house, we had devoured the chocolate and so forth and had started to stuff the gum into our mouths until our cheeks were ready to split - the old "how much can you fit and chew" scheme. Then for some odd reason we fell asleep (must have been the temporary sugar coma,) but wait it gets better because we woke back up and guess who had the biggest sickly pink wad of gum stuck in her hair - her hair that had over the year grown out of its pixie cut and into the long and lovely Marcia Brady silky swing - yep - you got it - no pulling the wool (haha - knitters should get this reference) over your eyes, it was ME!!!

We tried every home remedy known to man - peanut butter - rubbing alcohol - regular old baby shampoo - ice - you name it we tried it and then horror of horrors my dad walks in with the kitchen shears. Long, sharp silver blades ready to slice away my rich brown locks that I had been growing for a year. It was trick time for me - I went right back to that ugly short pixie cut - there was no saving any of the length that I had waited so long for it to grow. Let's just say there were tears - not minutes mind - days and days of tears and no sympathy from the parental units, not one bit. However, it must be said that my friend was completely supportive throughout the entire ordeal. By the end of that upcoming summer, my hair had grown back quite a bit and as with many things the trauma of the Halloween gum trick was fading from memory.

So, here's to all the fun to be had later this evening. Just give a listen and take this advice - Save the gum treats for tomorrow during the daylight hours. You'll be glad you did.

Tricks and Treats to you all....
The Green Girl

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn Surprises.....

Well, what an interesting day in that old Chinese curse kind of way. Woke up this morning to blaring sirens, tornado sirens that is. Didn't anyone tell the folks at the National Weather Center that it's October for goodness sakes. The skies were dark and grey - clouds were very ominous looking and it was pouring rain. TV reports that one tornado was ten miles from us and moving our way, a second tornado was 12 miles from us and moving our way. What? Are we the bulls-eye of the target or something. We remain under a watch for another 2 hours. Under normal circumstances it would make for a quite  time to sit in the hallway (safe zone) and knit away the hours, but not today. Things are afoot today - praying for a positive outcome, but only time will tell.

These are my Spring Rhododendrons. Lovely little purple flowers, reminds me of Seattle, very nice. However, it is October!!! Leaves should be changing colors and dropping off, not blooming and changing and dropping. What in the world!!! Yep, they are in bloom again.
See the whole Chinese curse thing in action - it's a sign - what of, I have no idea, but it is definitely a sign. I have decided to make it good sign. Purple, reddish brown, green, nature obviously thinks this is a good combo. So, one of my next projects, I will take nature's example and put these colors together and see what happens. For now, I will have to ponder this whole blooming in Autumn thing. Very Strange indeed!!!
Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarf -A- Thon....

Yarn: Stella by:TAMM - Pattern: A modified version of the "Glass Bottle Scarf" from BoHoKNits
OK - I'll come right out with it - I am the world's worst daughter!!! Yep - no doubt about it - I'm bad, bad, bad. It is my mother's birthday on Saturday and I completely forgot to make her birthday scarf. I've had the yarn, needles, pattern for at least six months, but until last night at about 10:30pm I had completely forgot to make said gift. Once again I ask, where are my freaking little helper mice, like Cinderella's?

I started this scarf about four times before I figured out what I wanted it to be, because you see I have changed the pattern as I always do - just cannot leave well enough alone. In this case, my mom would never wear the original pattern as it is a little too BoHo for her tastes (I love the original for myself.) However, I love the stitch pattern and with a little change here and there, my mom will like it as well. I so desperately hope!!!

The yarn is really lovely and has a sparkle thread running through it, but you cannot see it in the picture. My mother has a brown coat for the winter, so this should go nicely.   

So, today is a scarf-a-thon no matter where I am or what I'm doing I have to knit, knit, knit so that I can get this blocked tonight in order to give the gift by Saturday.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl (aka - The Bad Daughter)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bringing in the Skeins...

This picture says it all - it is time for the harvest. Bringing in the corn, beans, wheat and rye. This picture tells me that it is time for harvest festivals, apple cider, bonfires, little globblins and ghouls, and knitting. This picture also got me to thinking that like the little mice of the fields and other woodland creatures it is time to harvest and stash to prepare for the long dark days of Winter that are heading our way. The lovely sunshine of Autumn has a way of fooling us into false hope that life will remain idyllic and peaceful. Ha! Trust me, the long dark days are coming sooner than we would like to think. You've now been warned!!!
So, last night while waiting for sleep to come into my room and sprinkle it's magic dust upon me, (aka - I had insomnia for the 14th day running - Oh Yeah - Let's celebrate this!) the muse and I got our heads together and decided to do a little harvesting of our own . The doors to he stash closet were flung open - the bins were taken from their shelves and placed on the floor and we went to work picking out lovely warm yarns to be made into gifts. Some camouflage yarn in green, blue and pink for hats and scarves for the nephews and niece -  a lovely soft rosy pink wool/acrylic blend for a scarf for SIL - ball after ball put aside for the many pairs of socks and slippers - and oodles of soft wool for a new family room blanket for those cozy nights in front of the fireplace. That brought the stash down, well by one bin - honestly who are we kidding -that didn't really put a dent in the stash, but in my mind and that of the muse we now have room to harvest new yarn from all the Autumn sales that are going on at the stores. Let's remember that the stash is a layered affair - some of it  is for inspiration only and will never be used. The stuff that was taken out last night was always meant to be a gift so it came from gift assortment. All in all it felt like a productive way to spend my sleepless night. Whether or not that would really pass muster with anyone else - is well - really not my concern - it's my stash - mine all mine!!!! Ha Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

I also want to post a little plea for everyone to try and do a little charity knitting in the next couple months. Lots of folks are in need these days - seems like even more than in years past. Knit a square or two for Warm Up America-- knit a hat or two or three for folks at the local soup kitchen - perhaps a blanket for a new mom in need. Every piece that we knit from our stash for someone in need will come back to us many times over. I believe this, my life has been so enriched by knitting for others and this is the best time of year for helping. The smallest actions can have the largest results.

Peace and joy to you all as you harvest and stash your way through the season....
The Green Girl

Monday, October 18, 2010

Creatvity In Motion...

Well, the sun has left and clouds have arrived, along with a light rain - it must be Monday. The weekend really was so beautiful. As I needed a little trip away from home yesterday - I got to drive through the lovely back roads and see Autumn in all her glory - v. nice way to spend a bit of time. And it seems that while I was away, the muse decided to play....

Note to self: Never leave the house without having a plan for the muse or you'll be sorry.....

Not that the muse was technically bad, but boy did she work her magic when I walked through the door. She decided that I should change my entire game plan for my October Baker's Dozen square and had ripped out all the work I'd already done. Right down to the last stitch! She thought it would a good idea to try my hand at an old skill (Tunisian Crochet - crochet that looks more like knitting) in order to get myself all prepped for the November knit/crochet challenge.  I lost three hours before I realized that the stripes were not going to come out in the right repeated order. Then, Muse whispers those words that most knitters dread, "Take the scissors to the bottom four rows and get rid of them and then recast that part in another color." Scissors, really? Really??? This is like watching your sweet child take the scissors to her long lovely hair and end up looking like Sid Vicious. It's just not a pretty sight and can fill your belly with terror in about 2 seconds flat. Oh I know there are steekers out there, but honestly they must be on meds in order to practice this habit of knitty desecration. The muse just would not let this go, "If you don't do it, you'll have to rip out the whole square again and you won't like it..." Just taunting me to no end. So like any good manipulator she finally got me to pick up the scissors and cut away a base chain that would only take off the bottom section. And I'll be hog tied - it worked and left a smooth set of stitches easily available for re-working. Of course, Muse was dancing around the house singing "Nanny nanny boo boo - I told you..." Honestly! DH walked in, looked at the scene and said, "Creativity in motion?" and then he walked away. He just knows when not to go there. If my Baker's Dozen group only knew the crazy stuff I do get their squares just right - they'd realize what a nut I am, but they are all so worth the crazy!!!

Then the muse says she wants to show me that she can be "green" too and proceeds to show me her newest little recycling effort. We have a lot of old home movies that we have been transferring and editing to dvd, so we have lots of those dvd holders that come with 100 blank dvds on them. We've just been piling them up in the corner figuring we'd recycle the plastic. However, the muse had this idea - Use the spindle as a yarn holder. The yarn comes off evenly and without rolling around on the floor like a crazy exotic, wildly colored tribble from Star Trek. The lid can be used to hold the extra skein and do-dads for the project. Pretty good, Muse, pretty good. We shall give it a whorl, now go away and let me deal with the havoc you've played on my square. Scissors, well I never.. well I guess I have now actually. It wasn't the end of the world, but I still think much wine should be consumed before trying this. If disaster strikes you need to be a bit mellow.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Days... Made for Knitty Adventures....

It is the most beautiful Autumn morning so far this season. Sunny - crisp - cold (39F)- just the right type of weather for making a fire in the fire place (wonder if that would count me out in the Yarn Harlot's furnace wars - hmmm..), getting all cuddly in a favorite chair and knitting the day away. It's even the perfect day for an outside event, but don't forget to bring the knitting - it would be such a lost opportunity on a day like this. These are the kinds of days when people ask you about your knitting and you are so filled with the joy of it all that you over share (something about crisp air and knitting makes me chatty.) That's alright, these days are also the days for making new knitters. Someone will get inspired today, learn a new skill and a new muse will be born full of ideas and ready for mischief. Ah, I love these days so much - wonder would I get tired of them if I had my way and each day were like this? Hmm....Does be careful what you wish for come into play here? Hmm...Oh who cares it's a knitty day and I'm lovin' it. Go forth and love it, too...We'll just have one big knitty love fest!!!

Oh - just remembered must move some furniture around with DH later as we are making the formal living room a non-formal, but secondary cozy family space. We are not formal people and we do not live formal lives so I have never seen a reason for us to have a formal living space. The furniture is lovely and came from a real furniture store,(gift from mother when I finished my thesis,) not IKEA, which is my home design studio of choice. Well, by choice, but let's be real by wallet as well. Anyway, DH and I have never had a house this large and even after a year we are still trying to get the layout just right. The current great room/kitchen-dining area are just right, but this other room has been bothering me the whole time. It has the fireplace and after living in Seattle, I refuse to give up such cozy and inexpensive form of heating. So, as this room sits next to the family room we are going to try and merge the two.

I also wanted to share a little knitty find with you all. Many of you will know the words Signature Needle Arts (let the drooling begin - just not on the yarn - felting with your own saliva is probably not a fad you wish start.)  And if you don't know these words, go now - stop reading this drivel and Google SNA - it's love baby!!!! Then put them on your holiday wish list with a big double star to indicate their importance in the gift giving scheme. I've said it before, I'm not a prude when it comes to my needles, I use lots of different brands, but SNA's are so scrummy and pretty, too - I just can't help myself. Anyway, one of the SNA options is the ever so sexy and pointy Stiletto pointed needle. Some knitters have been known to draw blood by accidentally poking themselves with the tips - on this I do not speak from experience, but they love to share their war stories on Ravelry and it seems this happens with some regularity. This got me to thinking, these points are pretty sharp and meant to be so, but how should I store them to keep them in good condition. If I store with tips down, the working area can be damaged, if I store with the tips up you can't see the lovely stoppers in the shape of beautiful silver spirals. Quandary! Then this morning as I'm eating my oatmeal and reading "Knits From the Heart" by: Kristin Spurkland (lovely book for making little knitty gifts - but out of print Grr... this is library copy,) the Muse pops in and says. "Hey, remember the problem with storing the SNA's? Well why don't you use the smallest of those green end caps - save tips and see the spiral end caps with no worries." Smart little thing that muse. These little stopper thingys come in a package - sold at Hobby Lobby (maybe elsewhere, too) and they are for putting on crochet hooks as finger pads. I don't really get this as they are closed at one end, but perhaps you are suppose to punch through that end with the hook - haven't ever figured that one out, but that's alright. I originally got these to be end stoppers for some dpns that I use as single straights from time to time - they work like a charm and now I find that for my SNA's they work as well. And see I'm being green (as in environs) as well by re-purposing an item used for something else (remember to pat self on back later - see I do try.) So, even if you can't find these covers, surely there is something like them in your LYS.

OK - off to enjoy the lovely day - hope you all are as inspired as I.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

Friday, October 15, 2010


If - by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;  
Of course this poem goes on for several more stanzas, but I had to put this out there today to remind myself that being civil and kind is worth the bone tiring effort that it sometimes take. I'm not at all angry with anyone or surprised by the actions of others, but I'm weary of putting forth the effort. For instance - you make a comment and you preface it by saying this not a complaint, just a query and suggestion. And then POW - right in kisser - the peevish replies start being hurled at you. You call customer service to get a little update on something and POW - a blow to the gut - they have never even heard of you and honestly can't be bothered to help you out. And the list goes one and in every scenario you remind yourself, be calm, be civil, go with the flow, maybe they've had a bad day. I get all that- really I do, but for me today it's exhausted me. So, I went looking for a little something to remind that regardless of my personal treatment, I must rise above and continue to be civil and kind. Even if it bloody well kills me. Mr Kipling's lovely poem did the trick (and if it's good enough for Bridget Jones, it's good enough for me.) ;>) 
I have taken the morning away from the office in order to wait for the glass repairman and although he is technically still on time - his time runs out in 24 minutes. They did send a confirmation e-mail this morning with the tech's  picture and qualifications. I thought that was a nice touch. So, some civility reigns still. 
I'm taking this time off to get some organization done in the studio - it looks like a hurricane has swept through here over the past couple of weeks. And in the end I really do better in a clean/organized environment. 
Deadline for collection is now officially pushed back. Too much life screaming for my attention, not enough life willing to let me be creative and have my own time. I'm considering publishing these pieces individually rather than as a booklet so I can get them out as they are finished.  I'd appreciate any comments on that. Part of the proceeds for each piece will still go to St Jude Children's Hospital.

OK - so that you know I live in a crazy world like all of you, the picture for today will be a look at the studio now in it's hurricane tossed glory.
  And now to top off the day, blogger isn't allowing me to position my pictures side by side. I give, I give!!!!

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Not This World...

Well, yesterday I blogged about living in a world of kindness, helpfulness, love and peace. Ha - again, HaHa!!! It would seem that I was off my meds when I thought such a thing as it was made brutally clear last evening that this is not the world in which we live.

As you may have read in previous blogs, my DH and I do some acting with the local community theater group. Great people all around! However, the theater that we perform in is in what was once a lovely, gentile part of town. That has changed, it is now a gang filled, thug ruled, gun shooting haven!!! And last night when he was coming out of rehearsal, DH husband found that his rear windshield had been shot out. Completely and utterly destroyed. To make matters worse the father of a cast member experienced an attempted car jacking earlier that evening (probably by the same group that damaged DH's car.) The police refuse to come and take a report as no one was actually shot. I guess if they were laying in a pool of blood in the parking lot, they might have sent out a cruiser. I am so thankful that no one was injured, but I am angry (spitting nails, blue air, let me at'em angry.) This is the country for goodness sake, not the inner city projects. Where the hell is Dragnet when you need them (yes I'm dating myself, use your own police adjective instead - you get the idea.) I was told to put on a pair of gloves and sift through the glass to try and find the bullet. Really! I mean Really!!! You've got to be putting me on - I'm now doing the police departments investigative work. Perhaps I'll send  them a bill for my services. Grrr..... And even worse is that there have been other crimes at this theater in past (before we ever arrived.) Honestly, freaking, honestly!!! Grrr........

I'm not trying to make any kind of point in this blog today, I just needed to vent my anger. I have not been able to knit as my hands are all twitchy and I ended up ripping back the test scarf I'm working on four times. Grr..... I try to tell myself to be calm, calm, but so far no go. Nope - not happening. Okay - that's all I feel like writing at the moment. Not a great blog, but sometimes you gotta vent. Pass the wine, please.

Peace and joy to you all....hopefully a dose of safety from your local police force...
The Green Girl.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In A World.....

The house was quite (except for the washing machine and dishwasher of course,) I was snuggled up on the sofa and my knitty things were there with me. One test knit project for the collection getting closer to completion (I really thought I'd be done by now,) one personal project sitting there begging for attention, one angel square 2/3 done in three lovely colors and the TV tuned into "Dancing with the Stars" the results show for background noise until it was time for "Caprica." (Yes, I am a certified Sci-Fi geek - didn't you see that coming?) ;>)

Being the conscientious person that I try to be (really I do try everyday,)  I took up the project for the collection and continued on with my work. I must say I really like this piece and I can't wait to get it photographed (please by this Friday - I beg all the knitting powers in the universe - photos on Friday.) Then I hear, "We have something to be truly thankful for. If we get any news, you'll get it live right here." The TV presenter was talking about the men stuck 2000 feet underground in the mine in Chile - the rescue effort to bring them out of the mining cave had begun, months before any of the experts thought it would happen, all men alive and in fairly good health. Hearing this good news made my heart sore for the men, their families and for the world. 

In a world... where we pit the haves and have nots, one nation against another nation, where we refuse to understand one another's ways before passing judgment because they  are not like us - people had come together in a effort to save lives and reunite families. Chile is a relatively newly developed nation and their government knew enough to stay out of things and let the professionals do their work. No nightly finger pointing on the news while men sweat away their lives in a pit in the earth. Oh there is bound to be confrontation after the rescue is over, but for the last two months, the rescue and well being of these men has been the only concern of all involved. And this morning at 7:30am CST, 12 men had been rescued and the rest of the operation was going well. Hurray!!!! Hurray for the Chilean people, the experts, the men, and for the world. We are better today because we came together in an act humanity to save our fellows. No blood shed, no guns, no politics.

It is nice to know that in this world....  a middle aged (slightly fleshy and obviously opinionated) woman can sit safely in her home at night, following her passion, knitting away and watch the miracle of humanity's great capabilities many thousands of miles away. That's the world I want for my god-children, my nieces and nephews, great-nephews and for all of your children as well.

Knit on my friends - bring peace and joy where you can.

Peace and joy to you all....and to our brothers and sisters in Chile as well...
The Green Girl.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No More Hints...

Dear Santa, Santa's Helper, Interested Party...
    Hi - It' the Green Girl. I know it's been a while since you received an official letter of request from me, but I hope that you have space to fit me back onto your list. I try to be good, but as you know a little too much stress and I have been known to turn the air blue. Sorry about that. I turn back to you because it seems that no one can take a hint around here. I knit - everyone knows I knit - I even leave pictures around the house of items that would fit in my stocking (hand knit of course) and for items that would fit under the tree. However, it's a no go - not a skein, needle set, loom, or tape measure to be had. So, now I am making it official. I would like nothing more for Christmas that knitty things. Gift cards to craft of yarn stores would be gladly accepted.

Thanks for your help and peace and joy to you now and in the new year.
The Green Girl


I decided that since we all listen to children when they ask for certain things at the holidays, we knitty people should be heard as well.  I'm even going as far as to make a specific list for the DH and family. If they feel that they want to give me a give at the holidays, please choose from the list. I don't want to hear that I'm going to far.... Nonsense! Like I said we listen to children's requests all the time. Why not mine. This should make things easier, not harder. There's always someone in the family that you have a hard time finding a gift for, well you can check me off the difficult list. I'm now easy peasy!!! Of course it is my self-imposed rule that all gifts are received with love and kept. If someone thinks enough of me to give me a gift, I'll think enough of them to keep it.

So, to all my knitty friends - stand up or rather sit down and write out your holiday wish list. No messing about - sign, seal and deliver to all acceptable parties. Ask for their list in return. I bet there are many folks that would love to hand out their own list at the holidays, but are too embarrassed. You can lead the way!!! And remember Santa like cookies and milk (or vodka = grown-up cookies and milk.)

Hugs and sending you all peace and joy for the holiday season and the new year to come.....
The Green Girl.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time for Another Haiku....

I'm starting to reach my max stress level. I'm to the point of having mini crying jags for no reason (this is my sign of stress overboard.) There is so much going on right now that I can't even clear my brain enough to write a blog of any real interest. Ugh!!! It's just life - lots of life right now and I'll get through it all. Just hang in there a good blog post will be forthcoming this week.

For now, I'll try my hand at another knitting haiku.....

Yarn, Yarn, Everywhere
Be it thick or be it thin
Brings comfort to all...

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

Thursday, October 7, 2010

If You Have to Have a Creedo....

Title: Line from "National Lampoons Vacation" with Chevy Chase.

As the Green Girl it only seemed right that I would adopt, "Defy Gravity" as my creedo. I actually have a rubber bracelet with these words as well and I use to wear it before every exam I took, paper I wrote, or research proposal I put forth. And now as I prepare to launch my Northwest Trek pattern collection, these words once again motivate me to be proud of myself, do my best, and have a thick skin just in case. ;>)

In the picture, the piece sticking out of the top is a hint of Cascade Forest, a pattern in the new collection. And it is only a hint, the best part is still hidden (that's intentional by the way.) This tote is my current large or multiple project knitting bag, so I am reminded of this creedo on a regular basis and trust me this is a good thing. As many artist's will understand, creating is a freeing, wonderful experience, but it's best pal is often self-doubt and it likes bite you right in the bum just when you are feeling your best. I just try to remember to put on my Wonder Woman cuffs and grab my magic lasso and be as defiant as possible (sometimes, a glass of port and some Ghirardelli  chocolate/caramel squares help, too.)

Getting ever closer to launch day for the collection. Hands are hurting and elbow is stiff (a little tendinitis), but I continue to go forth and be knitty. Tonight is a bit of a treat though as it is movie night with my nephew, Nic. Pizza and installment three of the Tinker Belle series. He told me that even though he's nine now and really into his guy stuff, he loves his aunty and will  always watch a Tinker movie with me so that I have company. Ah, if they would only stay little, but what a kind thing to say. I love that kid and I'm so glad he's my nephew. He truly has the kindest heart, for that matter so does his older brother, Jason. In that way they remind me of my maternal grandfather and there couldn't be anyone better for the boys to take after. Anyway, enough aunty pride, after our movie and dinner, I'll settle back into my knitting. I have two of the pieces blocking and two on the needles, and all  the patterns written waiting for final pictures and edits. The finish line looms.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

Monday, October 4, 2010

Northwest Trek......

Hi Folks - Yes, that's the name of the new collection, "Northwest Trek." I cannot forget my lovely home in Seattle for 21+ years just because we've moved to Chicago-land the home of our births. This collection is smaller than in years past, but is more meaningful to me personally than any other that I've created.

"Northwest Trek" consists of two scarf and two cowl patterns with names like "Northern Lights, The Palouse, Alki Beach, and the Cascade Forest. With each pattern there is a little story regarding it's name place and two options for yarn choices (one high end - one budget friendly, but good quality.) I would put all of these patterns in the "easy" category so that any knitter from beginner to experienced can easily knit up these little delights for holiday gifts or for their own use. I mean, we all know that we must have a new scarf for the season. The accessory can make the coat look new, lovely and festive, As the fashion industry tells us that this season ruffles are all the rage, there is a nod to the ruffle without being a full frill fest.

That's the latest news. Look for the patterns to be published within the next 5-7 days through Ravelry. Part of the proceeds for this collection will be sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere and a Flu Shot to Boot.....

It's now Sunday and I can look back on the last two days with a little bit of detachment. All the drama started on Friday morning. I woke at the usual time and as I went out the kitchen I noticed that DH had many pantry items sitting out on the counter and the table. I also noticed a few drops of water on the floor. What happened? It's too early still to add these things up and come up with the appropriate answer all on my own. DH then walks in from the laundry room and informs me that the hot water overflow valve decided to open all on it's own and dump about 2 gallons of water all over the pantry floor. Let's Celebrate This..... I should explain that the reason it wasn't 30 gallons of water is because we have this tres' chic hot water on demand system. Apparently used widely in Europe. Just a little 2x3 foot box anchored to the wall with a couple of small pipes. And the best part - no one gets cold in the shower when someone else flushes the toilet and you can take a looong hot shower and never run our of hot water (that's what Friday night or Sunday morning showers are for.) It's basically a girls dream to never run out of hot water. On the practical side it is more economic as it doesn't sit around keeping 30 gallons of water hot 24/7. It's the whole cake and eat it too, thing. Yeah!!!

Moving on - apparently when this system was installed two years ago, it was not installed to code. Meaning, the installer,(which may have been my dad, so I'm going to nice here) didn't run a hard pipe from the overflow valve to a drain in floor or a bucket on the floor. The valve just comes out three feet from the floor ready to splash hot water all over my belongings and it did. Ruined about 200.00 worth of food and small appliances and then there was the repair work cost that DH had to do on Saturday morning. Praise for the DH as he did a spectacular job of bringing the installation up to code and running the pipe into a small bucket on the floor. That was a task worth celebrating.Then later in the day I completely re-organized the pantry, which was something I'd been meaning to do. No, no, no, don't say it was a good thing then that the water valve broke. It wasn't, it just forced me to take time from other important tasks and do this task earlier than planned. It's done now though and can be checked off the Autumn To Do list.

Before the pantry re-org happened on Saturday and while DH was busy with his domestic chores, I flew the coup picked-up my SIL and we had a bit of girls morning. We had breakfast, did the Friends and Family Sale at Michael's Crafts (non-knitted holiday gifts and cards were purchased with discount for .80cents a piece - Hurray) and then we did the responsible, but non-fun thing for the day and went to Walgreens and got our Flu shots. SIL gets hospitalized with respiratory illness quite easily in the Winter and we're hoping that this vaccine will help keep that at bay this year. I on the other hand am required to get said shot in order to get my mid-year observation check-up at the cancer center. Since that appointment is in December and that's flu season, all patients are required to get the shot in order to keep from passing the germs onto some of the rather extremely ill patients. I'm fortunate, I'll be 3.5 years out from my cancer surgery at my next appointment and except for dealing with my own personal global warming and loss of all my hair (brought on early by the hormone changes from the surgery and family trauma) I am doing really well. Yeah! Let's Really Celebrate This... However, some of the patients that I see on my visits are quite ill and I don't want my germs to get the better of my fellow sojourners as they are fighting their battles. Think about that the next time you decide not to get your flu shot. Who's life might you be endangering beside your own. Food for thought and end of public service announcement.

Autumn is really here - it's been cool for days and I'm wearing my 5$ Hanes sweat shirts in the house now and yummy woolly socks. No furnace yet, that would be giving in too soon - it's still 64 degrees in the house. Plenty of time for the furnace later on in the season.  Odd thing is I thought it was freezing in here back in the summer when it was 74-75 degrees inside while 90+ outside. That's all still a mystery to me. Anyway, lots to do today - taking a vacation day from work tomorrow in order to do my real work - write my patterns and get them onto Ravelry. Look forward to tomorrows blog (not sure when it will post) but it will be all about the new collection and how to get your hot little hands on the patterns. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl