Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lotta Bit or Itty Bit....

I was reading the profile of a knitting friend today and it made me want to ask you all this question - how much of a project do you have to have completed in order to visualize it in the final state? In her profile, my friend wrote that she has to have a good six-eight inches of knitting done in order to start feeling that the project will be finished and used.

That seems to me to an itty bit of work to get a feeling of completion. It seems that she is basically saying as long as I have a the project underway, pass the cast on stage, I'm good. I on the other hand want the project done at about three row stage, but I don't get that completed feeling until at least 50-65% is hanging off the needles. And there is still a voice in the back of my mind saying, "You still may have to frog this whole project don't get too excited." Is that fear or experience speaking - maybe both???

Frogging a project is not my most favorite thing to do and I would guess that many of you would agree with that. However, I am trying to take on a new attitude in regard to frogging. I was reading a scene in a Knit Lit novel where they were using frogging as a way to let go frustration with a kind yoga, stretching things to help take away their pent up anger towards the project being frogged.  So, I have begun to see frogging as a way to get my zen on rather than a way to add stress to my life. Breathe in, stretch your arms out all while frogging a row of mistakenly knit fabric. Breathe in - out - frog it all about. See there's already a little rhyme to help bring on the state of peace that knitting usually carries. Can we now say that frogging is good for our health??? Perhaps?? Maybe it's time a for field study!

Now for some business news - the website is still coming along although I'm having trouble with it accepting the blog as a feed and the shopping cart is not cooperating. Paying someone to do this may have been a wiser decision in the long run, but I am learning new things, which is suppose to keep my brain from shriveling away as I age- so that's the positive side of all this.

For all of you that follow the Green Girl Blog, I have added a search function to the blog page in case you want to look something up by keyword. Honestly, I don't know how I would survive without search boxes on the websites that I use, so please forgive my tardiness in getting this useful tool out for your convenience.

And lastly - don't forget to pass the word that The Green Girl blog can now be taken with you on the go, through download onto your Kindle e-reader. Just go to Amazon.com- the blog can be found under the Kindle Store - The Green Girl

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Je Suis Fini......

The shawl is done! I did what I always do of course and I changed the pattern to fit my own design taste. However, I like it a lot so that's what really counts. Once I started making the changes, I quickly got over the blah-ness of the project that hit last week.

I made the shawl shorter as I wanted more of a shoulder warmer than a big heavy wrap. I also changed the pattern to garter stitch for the fold over collar. That simple pattern change added some dimension to the garment I added a closure with a small i-cord loop and lovely silver button and finished it off by tacking down the back of the collar with a matching button.

This will be perfect to keep my shoulders warm when I'm wearing my jeans and button up blouses. I plan to keep it in the car for when I visit cold restaurants and movie theaters during the summer and it will be perfect for wearing on chilly days when Autumn returns.

I thought this pattern was appropriate given it's name, "Because I Care." I find that I need to care for myself a bit these days, so this made a perfect break in my business knitting and gave me chance to be good to myself. I think that's something we women don't do enough sometimes.

So, take my lead and do something yourself today - it can really renew your spirit and your joy in living.

Peace and joy...
The Green Girl

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Closer.....

I've had an odd thought about my knitting this week. It seems that I love to start a project and adore the closing or finishing of a project. However, when it comes to the mid-section I'm not so excited. Now I know that this has not always been the case and I wonder why it's popping up now. This is a very weird feeling I have these days, as I love knitting in all it's forms and functions, but I just seem to have no joy over a project while in the middle.

I honestly don't know if there are knitters that do this anymore, but we used to have group in Pensacola and all we did was the finishing of a garment. We were what we called "The Closers." The LYS would take in items that folks wanted finished and once a month we'd get together and do the work. I can certainly see why we did only the finishing as the beginning is the more exciting time of a project for a lot of people.

I also know that I am in a time of transition in regard to my designs - I've been researching different techniques of lace knitting (more to come in another blog,) and I have some new ideas running around my head for the Autumn line-up. And it is very true, that when I design I knit a lot of swatches and quick little mini samples - done and dusted - fast and quick. Perhaps that why this whole beginning, ending thing keeps going through my mind. I see these things as the fast part of knitting a project. If it's not that, then I don't know what's up with me.

This is my current dilemma: I'm in the middle of a nice warm shawl, it's about half done. It's a friendship shawl from the Knit Along with Debbie Macomber pattern series. I'm using Bernat Denim Style yarn, which is 70% acrylic and 30% cotton. I have loads of this yarn in the stash as I really love it  and as I am a denim girl, it's perfect for wearing with what might be called my uniform - jeans and button up blouse or tee. Now I want someone to finish working the mid-section so I can work on how I'm going to add to the design by making a closure. Everything seems to be in a fog right now. Perhaps the right thing to do is keep on working my way through and try to relax ( I have to look up the definition of that word.)

As my first landlord used to say, "Don't worry, it will all come out in the wash."

So, the question for all of you: Do you remember ladies that took in projects for finishing?? I know it was done a lot back when I was a kid in the Stone Age. Second question: Do you ever feel this way about your knitting?

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Summer Feels Like Winter....

The weekend was cold, very windy and rainy - after three days of 97 degree weather, we were back in sweaters and jeans on Friday. Last night they were even calling for a heavy frost. So far the week has been, sunny, cloudy, windy and cold. This weather is not conducive to designing a summer wrap - instead I want to toss the lovely summer weight yarn and get out the wool again. I am trying to be patient and ride out the last month of spring with the knowledge that summer will surely be different.

So, I am designing a summer weight wrap to help with the evening breezes and the freezing cold of the local theaters and restaurants. You know what I mean, you walk into the cinema, get your popcorn and soda, all ready to go and enjoy a good film and then when you enter the theater it's like walking into an industrial freezer. You start to shiver and your muscles start to contract in order to circulate more warm blood around your fingers and toes so they don't get frost bite. You wish you had kept your winter parka in the backseat of the car for just such an emergency and by the time the film is over, you wish you could walk out onto the surface of the sun just to feel a little warmth. I think that image is clear enough and that you fully comprehend the need for a summer wrap.

The design is on it's second go round. At first I was going to do a long rectangle, but decided it was too pedestrian for this project. Now I'm thinking about a wrap that actually fits around your shoulders and hangs like a sweater - something that will allow the wearer to use their hands without having to struggle to keep the wrap on at the same time. I'm working with Bernat's Satin yarn - it's 100% acrylic, but feels like a soft polished cotton. So far the yarn is working out well. The drape is soft and fluid, but still holds its shape perfectly.

This pattern will be available for sale on my website when it's done. I'm hoping to make the pattern one that can easily be made in a winter weight yarn as well. Could end up being a great holiday gift. Now, as for the website - I mentioned before that we were having problems with our internet going in and out at will. Well the repair person finally showed and tested all the lines - our house, modem and all of our other personal equipment are working fine - he said that the problem is on their end and until that gets fixed we're up the creek. So, the website is still being worked on and hopefully I'll be able to upload it fully within a couple of weeks. Who knew this would take so long. Grr.....

DH is still stuck in the lab on third shift and having trouble sleeping in the day. I still tiptoe around the house in order not to wake him - it's like living a tomb for us both. Sheesh!!! And the muse - well she's livid as I have made her stop all her happy dancing during DH's sleep time. She's being very sullen and refusing to help with the wrap design. I think she's going to strike any day now. Poor old Muse - can't seem to catch a break.

Have a great week and don't forget to take the Green Girl blog with you on your Kindle. There is a 14-day trial offer at Amazon.com.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Announcing... The Green Girl Blog.... Now on Kindle....

Hi Folks - It is an exciting day here at the Green Girl Studios - within the next 48-72 hours, The Green Girl blog will be available on Amazon for Kindle download. Your kindle will be uploaded automatically when the blog updates - there may a minimal .99cent fee (I have no control over that as Amazon and Kindle dictate those policies.) However, you will receive a free 14 day trial period of the blog if you sign-up for it.

I would like to ask that you check out the blog during the trial period at least and give it a rating. This will help in the way the blog is marketed.

For all of you that have followed my words over this first year, I want to thank you from the bottom of my finger tips. Having this blog published via Kindle is a huge step forward on my goal to knit and write for a living. You have all been an immense help. Many thanks!

Please spread the news......

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angels, Muse and Garage Sale.....

This is one of those weeks when you ask yourself, "how did I get here?" Every once in a while, I will end up with a week that is so over scheduled that I go looking for my evil twin to see if she's been messing with my day planner. This is one of those weeks:

Four squares for Baker's Dozen - one regular and three angel squares. My halo is getting a workout, but good!

Muse wants me to start a wrap for myself because I happened to mention that I love this new yarn and it would look good as a wrap. I think maybe the evil twin put her put to this - some investigation should follow to check it out.

And the biggest part of the week is the development wide garage sale. This is a huge event starting with set-up on Wednesday, sale Thursday - Saturday. Now, I am not complaining about this because DH and I have lived in our house for two years and I have wanted to unload a lot stuff in a sale, so this is perfect. Problem, I had tons of steam last week and now I don't. I still have two closets and the kitchen to clear of my once loved treasures. Ugh!

Part of my apathy for this is that the weather has turned hot and humid and I don't do hot and humid - you would understand if you had to wear a wig all day and had your own personal global warming happening 24/7. It's like wearing three bulky weight Icelandic wool jumpers all the time. Maybe that's why I'm losing weight, I'm sweating it off. Richard Simmons would be proud!

It's suppose to starting chucking down the rain as well for the rest of the week. Ugh! That means no one at the sale and I'll have to drag all the stuff back into storage for another time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps it will skirt around us just this one time.

This is also pay the bills week - always a lovely part of my monthly planned activities. And honestly, what does FICA do with all of our money???

Friday night we are suppose to attend a cast party for the most recent KVTA production in which DH helped to build sets and did the sound.

Then let's throw in all the other daily things that happen in any given week. My mind is racing in the circular fashion in which nothing ever seems to settle into place and at the end you feel like you are a wet rag that someone forgot to ring out and let dry.

As soon as I find the evil twin (I think she's lurking around here somewhere) she and I are going to have a big talk about how it is not appropriate to schedule for other people. And I think I'm sending the muse off on a long errand and a trip to the pub.

What's your week like???

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nothing Like a Good Yarn....

Now, I could mean "a yarn" as in a story, but you all know better. Of course I mean that lovely fiber that knits into all kinds heavenly soft fashions, socks, hats, blankets, etc.... And we all know there is nothing better than a good sale - combine a sale with yarn and what do you get - a very happy Green Girl!!!

Yesterday, while DH slept after his midnight shift at the lab, I went out to do the weeks marketing. Along the way, I had to stop and pick-up yarn for two Baker's Dozen squares and of course I had to use my coupon for 40% off one item and 25% off my entire order, so I looked around a bit - trying to get the best value for my meager pittance. I found the yarn for the squares and the I noticed the Loops and Threads now has the big jumbo skeins that will knit an entire blanket with one skein and they had a Neapolitan color variation. Just like the ice cream, strawberry pink, vanilla and yummy chocolate - to good to pass up and I had that coupon, so I'd be saving money (and what may I ask is better than that - that is bragging rights!)

I thought I had completed my shopping and started toward the registers and low and behold right there at check out an entire bin of Stitch Nation on clearance and my favorite color to boot geranium red (just like my gran's flowers.) With coupon I got each skein for 99 cents/skein. It was at this time that the muse appeared and started doing her silly dance - you see I was thinking I'd use this for some of my neck warmers, but the muse had other ideas. There was just enough of the yarn left that I could make myself the Einstein coat from The Knit Stitch book by Sally Melville. The muse is insisting that I use this yarn for myself as it is my color and the perfect amount for the coat. I gave in - the muse was so stinking happy and how often do you get to knit a wool/bamboo blend coat for 10 bucks!!!

Ah - there ain't nothing like a good yarn...... and P.S. I've lost 7 pounds - please do not send them back if you find them wondering the streets. Many thanks!

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi Folks - I'm feeling a bit like the edges are starting to un-glue this week.

1) Have been waiting for 6 weeks for the internet guy to show up and fix our service - he's coming today. Hopefully I can now get the website finished. This has been a big and disappointing set-back.

2) Re-injured the broken finger last night - Woohoo!!! What else can I say.

3) Planning a huge development wide garage sale with my sister in-law so the house looks like a disaster zone as I stage all the salable items.

4) Am now on the 35th  neck warmer for the summer fairs - only 65 more to go by July - minimum.

5) We were invaded by ants yesterday so I spent most of the day vacuuming those up and DH laid down ants bait outside as soon he got home. Yesterday's warmth brought all those babies out to play. Woohoo!!

6) DH is now working 3rd shift (was promised this would not be the case in order to get him to take this job). He's not sleeping well and neither am I. We both decided we're each a little bit traumatized once again.

7) Started to knit a piece of Shetland lace this week with a lovely soft cream mohair.

8) My body feels exposed and in desperate need of a sit down with an umbrella drink.

So, that's living in the Green Girl's world this week. I hope you all are finding ways to combat your own stress and are looking forward to fun summers filled with love and laughter.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl