Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Summer Feels Like Winter....

The weekend was cold, very windy and rainy - after three days of 97 degree weather, we were back in sweaters and jeans on Friday. Last night they were even calling for a heavy frost. So far the week has been, sunny, cloudy, windy and cold. This weather is not conducive to designing a summer wrap - instead I want to toss the lovely summer weight yarn and get out the wool again. I am trying to be patient and ride out the last month of spring with the knowledge that summer will surely be different.

So, I am designing a summer weight wrap to help with the evening breezes and the freezing cold of the local theaters and restaurants. You know what I mean, you walk into the cinema, get your popcorn and soda, all ready to go and enjoy a good film and then when you enter the theater it's like walking into an industrial freezer. You start to shiver and your muscles start to contract in order to circulate more warm blood around your fingers and toes so they don't get frost bite. You wish you had kept your winter parka in the backseat of the car for just such an emergency and by the time the film is over, you wish you could walk out onto the surface of the sun just to feel a little warmth. I think that image is clear enough and that you fully comprehend the need for a summer wrap.

The design is on it's second go round. At first I was going to do a long rectangle, but decided it was too pedestrian for this project. Now I'm thinking about a wrap that actually fits around your shoulders and hangs like a sweater - something that will allow the wearer to use their hands without having to struggle to keep the wrap on at the same time. I'm working with Bernat's Satin yarn - it's 100% acrylic, but feels like a soft polished cotton. So far the yarn is working out well. The drape is soft and fluid, but still holds its shape perfectly.

This pattern will be available for sale on my website when it's done. I'm hoping to make the pattern one that can easily be made in a winter weight yarn as well. Could end up being a great holiday gift. Now, as for the website - I mentioned before that we were having problems with our internet going in and out at will. Well the repair person finally showed and tested all the lines - our house, modem and all of our other personal equipment are working fine - he said that the problem is on their end and until that gets fixed we're up the creek. So, the website is still being worked on and hopefully I'll be able to upload it fully within a couple of weeks. Who knew this would take so long. Grr.....

DH is still stuck in the lab on third shift and having trouble sleeping in the day. I still tiptoe around the house in order not to wake him - it's like living a tomb for us both. Sheesh!!! And the muse - well she's livid as I have made her stop all her happy dancing during DH's sleep time. She's being very sullen and refusing to help with the wrap design. I think she's going to strike any day now. Poor old Muse - can't seem to catch a break.

Have a great week and don't forget to take the Green Girl blog with you on your Kindle. There is a 14-day trial offer at Amazon.com.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

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