Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Closer.....

I've had an odd thought about my knitting this week. It seems that I love to start a project and adore the closing or finishing of a project. However, when it comes to the mid-section I'm not so excited. Now I know that this has not always been the case and I wonder why it's popping up now. This is a very weird feeling I have these days, as I love knitting in all it's forms and functions, but I just seem to have no joy over a project while in the middle.

I honestly don't know if there are knitters that do this anymore, but we used to have group in Pensacola and all we did was the finishing of a garment. We were what we called "The Closers." The LYS would take in items that folks wanted finished and once a month we'd get together and do the work. I can certainly see why we did only the finishing as the beginning is the more exciting time of a project for a lot of people.

I also know that I am in a time of transition in regard to my designs - I've been researching different techniques of lace knitting (more to come in another blog,) and I have some new ideas running around my head for the Autumn line-up. And it is very true, that when I design I knit a lot of swatches and quick little mini samples - done and dusted - fast and quick. Perhaps that why this whole beginning, ending thing keeps going through my mind. I see these things as the fast part of knitting a project. If it's not that, then I don't know what's up with me.

This is my current dilemma: I'm in the middle of a nice warm shawl, it's about half done. It's a friendship shawl from the Knit Along with Debbie Macomber pattern series. I'm using Bernat Denim Style yarn, which is 70% acrylic and 30% cotton. I have loads of this yarn in the stash as I really love it  and as I am a denim girl, it's perfect for wearing with what might be called my uniform - jeans and button up blouse or tee. Now I want someone to finish working the mid-section so I can work on how I'm going to add to the design by making a closure. Everything seems to be in a fog right now. Perhaps the right thing to do is keep on working my way through and try to relax ( I have to look up the definition of that word.)

As my first landlord used to say, "Don't worry, it will all come out in the wash."

So, the question for all of you: Do you remember ladies that took in projects for finishing?? I know it was done a lot back when I was a kid in the Stone Age. Second question: Do you ever feel this way about your knitting?

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.


Spinster Beth said...

I tend to weary of a large project about halfway through. I set it aside and begin or work on something else, until the blah-ness has passed. Sometimes it takes a month or more! It's no fun to persist with something that has lost its magic, but the magic usually returns if I wait!

Greengirl said...

The blah-ness!! I like that phrase - that's what I have blah-ness. Thanks!