Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Je Suis Fini......

The shawl is done! I did what I always do of course and I changed the pattern to fit my own design taste. However, I like it a lot so that's what really counts. Once I started making the changes, I quickly got over the blah-ness of the project that hit last week.

I made the shawl shorter as I wanted more of a shoulder warmer than a big heavy wrap. I also changed the pattern to garter stitch for the fold over collar. That simple pattern change added some dimension to the garment I added a closure with a small i-cord loop and lovely silver button and finished it off by tacking down the back of the collar with a matching button.

This will be perfect to keep my shoulders warm when I'm wearing my jeans and button up blouses. I plan to keep it in the car for when I visit cold restaurants and movie theaters during the summer and it will be perfect for wearing on chilly days when Autumn returns.

I thought this pattern was appropriate given it's name, "Because I Care." I find that I need to care for myself a bit these days, so this made a perfect break in my business knitting and gave me chance to be good to myself. I think that's something we women don't do enough sometimes.

So, take my lead and do something yourself today - it can really renew your spirit and your joy in living.

Peace and joy...
The Green Girl

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