Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bank Fraud - Hairpin Lace and Other Holiday Fun.....

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over holiday fun has officially begun. To start off the seasonal festivities, DH and I have been the victims of a process called, "skimming." This is when someone gets a hold of your debit/bank card information and takes money from your account. According to an article this happens to 1-5 people so we are in good company. Apparently your information can be skimmed when you use your card at the gas station, atm, or just about anywhere else in the known universe. Hurrah - no one's safe!!!! Makes me feel so much better. We were skimmed by a lovely company in Minsk Belarus. Six large charges all of the same amount were taken on Thanksgiving day. We are now in the process of creating new identities with the bank, obtaining new cards, etc... I feel like we have entered the witness protection program. And there's nothing to say that this won't happen again with the new info.... I just feel so warm and cozy!!!! Happy Holidays and pass the vodka comrade!!!

On a more knitty note, I had a chance to take up an old fiber art form of Hairpin Lace. I remember this from the 70's and vaguely recall having tried my hand at it back in the day. It was brought to my attention once again while watching a re-run of "Knitty Gritty" hosted by Vickie Howell. So, with coupon in hand I picked up a lace loom and in order to relax and try to get my zen back, I have been mindlessly making lace all weekend. I'm trying to work it into a knitted object. I don't like what you see in the picture in regard to the knitting, I think it is the knitting pattern that I don't like with the lace. I'm going to frog that pattern and try a standard stockinette stitch. I love the lace even though it is a little bit fussy at first. It gets much easier. I think it will work into a knitted pattern well, as soon as I figure out what pattern to use.

This Tuesday is my 3.5 year oncology check-up. Only 1.5 years of checks to go after that. Getting closer all the time. I always take a knitting project with me to the office. As DH and I drive about 70 miles to the clinic in Chicago it helps to take a car project and an office project. Last time it was a loomed sock, this time it will probably be a hat. Nothing to large or cumbersome, but something that will take my mind off the business of the day. Truly an impossible act to achieve, but every little bit helps. Doesn't seem to matter that it has been 3.5 years since my cancer surgery, each appointment reminds me of the first and feels like the first. The worst part is hearing the MRI machine on the floor below our waiting room. That sound will forever indicate to me that someone is having their life changed for all time. My heart breaks for each one of those women. They were just going along, living their lives and then WHAMO!!!!! However, as I well know, the doctors can help us to get well. Oh there are still consequences that I deal with every day, but I'm here and except for some scars of the physical and mental variety, I'm well, I'm loved, and I'm knitting!!!! Hurrah!!!! Wouldn't have been able to go through this without DH. He is all I ever thought him to be and 10,000 times more. Thanks, my love!

So, let the holidays begin - let there be joy and love and all the rest at this time and throughout the new year to come. And keep your knitting close, it will help you through the good, the bad and ugly of each day. KNIT ON!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks....

Well, there's only a few hours to go and we here in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Although this day has special significance for us in the states, I find myself giving thanks for so many people and things that have no connection to this country. To all my friends from around the world, whether we've ever met in the 3-D world or just in cyberspace you have all enriched my life. Which brings me to saying that I am thankful for the World Wide Web. I know so many people, have experienced so many things, and learned so much about this precious planet of ours because of those three little letters (www.) that take me anywhere I want to go. It is such a pleasure and blessing to live in this time and place.

Tomorrow will bring the turkey, the dressing, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie and much more food than any of us have the need to consume. The abundance is overwhelming. However, there are so many that have none, just like the 4th little piggy in the nursery rhyme. So, I ask that we all give just one can, one hour, one hand knit, or one dollar to help someone in need. Not just now at this time when we think about giving, but I send out a challenge to give "Just One...." each month of the year. By this time next year the blessings in your life will be ever abundant  and perhaps the lives of 12 others will be better than they are now. On Friday of this week, I will donate one bag of food to our local shelter. In December I will donate one knitted blanket to a new mother and child at the local hospital. Those things are confirmed, now I will consider my giving for the rest of the year and I will keep you all updated in hope that it will spur us all on to grab the hand of someone in need and lift them up.

To everyone, everywhere - whether you live in the United States or elsewhere - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Apple Cup Throwdown....

Morning all - It's a lovely November morning here in the Midwest. Our backyard is full of lovely Autumn leaves and the sun is shining. I'm on my way to a book fair to support the local theater group and tonight Dave and I are going to see the theater's children's rendition of "Robin Hood." The children always do a remarkable job on their productions and I'm sure we will be well entertained. All in all it should be a lovely day.

I know that the muse spoke to you all earlier in the week. I'm finally caught up with my knitty responsibilities and have been allowed to use the computer once again. That muse of mine can be a stern task mistress - she really loves those high heeled black knee boots! Anyway, I have started a project and thought perhaps I was going to be caught up well short on the deadline, but I now know that I may be able to eek it out.

Dave and I lived in Seattle for most of our adult lives as I may have mentioned. While the state of Washington has several wonderful universities and colleges of higher learning, the University of Washington (Huskies) and the Washington State University (Cougars) have a very long standing rivalry. UW is located in Seattle and WSU is across the mountains in Pullman. Every year they hold a football game called the "Apple Cup." It is usually the weekend before or of Thanksgiving. The local TV anchors wear their school colors and the throw some generally good humored banter back and forth for about a week prior. And let's just say, you had better take up sides or someone will conscript your behind and throw their preferred colors around your neck. As Dave and I are not from Washington, we chose WSU when we moved to town as we had both attended Illinois State University in our youth. So, we would put on our crimson/white/black garb and yell "Go Cougs" on game day. Then I went and did something that changed the balance of our "Apple Cup" affiliation for the rest of our lives. I decided to return to school and get some more book learning and a couple degrees along the way. Where did I attend??? Well, we lived in Seattle, and it just so happened only about 2 miles from UW. I was going to be an official Husky. Oh the horror!!! My fellow Cougar friends would actually shake their heads and tisk, tisk me. Now listen, you figure it out, 2 miles to class or 6-8 hours over the mountains. Logically it makes sense to go to UW, but some friends actually said I should move to Pullman and come home on the weekends. DH was not appreciative of that idea. So, in order to pay homage to both schools, I would wear purple and gold on the years the game was in Seattle and crimson and black when it was in Pullman. Trust me when I say, no one was happy with my decision. Game day become a bit interesting in that old Chinese curse kind of way for about 3-4 years.

Well, now we zip forward in time and DH and I are in the Midwest. We could go back to cheering for ISU, but our hearts are still with the teams in Washington for now. So, this year in order to honor both schools I am knitting myself an "Apple Cup" scarf. Half in Husky colors and half in Cougar colors. As you can see I've just started it, but it is a quick pattern and for some reason known only to the Game Day deities the Cup will be played on December 4th this year. The latest date in the history of the game. Just enough time to knit my fingers numb and get the scarf completed for wearing during the game. Hurrah!!!

Any sports rivalries in your family?????

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Doing the Continental.....

Many moons ago when the earth was young and knitting was done with rib bones and whatever material we could make into string, I learned to knit using the English method. I am a lefty and my poor gran almost collapsed from exhaustion while trying to teach me - we finally settled on her teaching me to quilt and decided to leave the knitting lessons to someone else.

One of my earliest memories is when I am about 3-4 years old and finding a skein of red yarn and two red needles and instruction book in my mother's closet. Apparently at some point in her life, she had tried to learn to knit - gave up and stuffed those lovely red needles and yarn away into the land of forgotten pastimes. When I found them I was so intrigued, I wanted to do this thing called knitting. As mother could not teach me and I could not read more than a few words - I had no idea how to proceed. That did not keep me from trying. I would sit and make the motions that I had seen other knitters make - click click, click click..... (no yarn involved at this stage.) Then time would pass and I would pull out my treasure and try wrapping the yarn around the needles - striving to figure out this mysterious act of making cloth with sticks and string.

Then when I was about 5 my granny taught me to crochet. Cool - I could do something with yarn and a funny hooked stick. Yeah!!! However, it was not knitting - so when my gran gave up I was broken hearted. As the years rolled by, I became quite proficient at crochet - I taught, I designed, but I was never quite satisfied. I wanted to knit!!!!

I finally signed up for lessons - I had asked the teacher in advance if she could teach a lefty (I had been turned down by many others so I was not expecting great things.) I was told that teaching a left-handed individual was no more difficult than teaching a right-handed individual. Cool!!! I no longer had the original red yarn of my mother's, but I had the needles (size US 8's apparently.) I took those ruby red jewels, bought a new skein of better quality red yarn and went to class. Oh my, oh dear, perhaps it was harder to teach lefty. The method was Continental. The other six people in the class were happily, "getting it." I was making knots! Knots, knots, more knots. At first the instructor thought it was from being a crocheter. Shock, horror - why hadn't I said I was a crocheter (said in a hushed appalled voice.) Honestly, I didn't think it would matter, if anything I thought I'd have a leg up, I could already use yarn in some way. Well, I might as well have worn a big red "C" on my chest. I was marked!!! I am sure that I noticed the other students scooting their chairs back from the table just a little. Let's give the "crocheter" some room.... I could feel it. I felt like I had been shunned. Thank goodness, the instructor decided that I could stay and she would work more closely with me and see what habits I had to unlearn - honestly!! For all of my fellow brothers and sisters of the hook - I say show your hooker pride and don't let anyone shun you for your chosen art form!!!! Here's to Hooker Pride!!! Hurrah!!!

Well, it was decided that it could have been my handedness or my crocheting, but something was causing me to knot, not knit. The instructor finally gave in and said she would try one more method with me - the English method. I was a natural English throwing , knitter. I WAS A KNITTER!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!

It has been many, many years since that epiphany and I have never really thought to much about methods. Oh I know hat there is a secret war going on between the Continental and English camps. There is probably a little shunning in the background as well, but they seem to keep everything on a civil footing. When I teach, I show a video of the Continental and then teach the English method. I have been assured from those lessons years ago that I would never be able to knit the Continental, so I have never tried on my own. Until now...... (hee hee hee.)

I've always loved a good challenge and the muse has put the idea in my head that I should give this other method a go. She keeps saying it's faster, easier, blah, blah, blah.... And then she planted the bomb...This morning I sat down with my coffee to watch an episode of "Knitty Gritty" from the DIY channel. The program is no longer airing new episodes, but I am recording the old ones for myself. And it just so happened the the episode I  watched this morning had a woman showing her project and she was doing the Continental. SLOWLY..... In fact her demo was at a pace in which I could see exactly what she was doing. I thought, ok grab the sticks and give a try. See what happens, no one needs to know. Well, I be danged, it may not be pretty, it may not be right good, but I'm doing the Continental, baby!!!! Me the former "crocheter." And to top it off, I even purled. OMG!!!! Yes, I am doing the knitty dance. Not because I can do this method, but because I figured it out and proved to myself that I can do anything - I may have to do it my way, but I'll get there.

Even though this felt like I had never held the sacred sticks before in my life and my working yarn keeps falling off my fingers, I'm getting there. Practice, that's all it takes. I may never switch over to this method completely, but who knows. For now I will knit a little each day in a new color in order to check my progress and we'll see how it goes. I'll throw in a picture now and again so that you can follow along. I think I will make it my 2011 knitting challenge. Then I can teach in both methods, use either method and my brain will be stronger for having learned a new technique (one way to fight off the Alzheimer's don't ya know.)

I'm really interested in hearing about other knitting or crocheting war stories. Pass them on and remember just have fun and Knit On or Hook On!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Headlines From The "Muse".....

Hello Everyone - This is Muse. I wanted to try my hand at writing and as the Green Girl is off working on one of my latest ideas, I thought I'd just drop you all a note. Honestly, I will not let the Green Girl write again until she finishes her two Baker's Dozen squares. She's had a lot going on in the life department lately and she needs to get caught up. However, I'll be around all day, so if you want to chat, share your muse's latest brilliant project just pop me a comment.

When the Green Girl gets back, she will hopefully have her first You Tube - "How To" technique video. It has to do with double pointed needles. Intrigued you didn't I????

 So, as the Green Girl would say,
Peace and joy to you all...
The Muse.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Presto -Chango... Now the Kntting is in Great Shape......

When last we met, The Green Girl was diligently trying to create an Angel Square for the Baker's Dozen Group. "Try" being the operative word as she frogged the square 12 times. When she finally thought she had it right, she sent out the little blog thread - showing the picture - confident that this would be the last of the frogging and she would be able to complete the square quickly. The best laid plans.....
Original Square - Frogged 13 times!
 It is now Monday of the next week and let's just forget that dark blue square from before shall we. It was kindly frogged for a 13th time and the yarn was put to rest in the stash for later use. No matter what I did it just kept growing and growing all with the same number of stitches. Incredibly frustrating!!!  Maybe for three days I actually lost my knitting juju. Maybe I ticked off the muse and she laid a little curse on my sticks and string. Whatever it was, that square was just not meant to be - no way, no how!!! 
New Square - Yarn: Sensations - Cuddle in Aqua Blue

Back to the stash and there hidden in the back of the last box was this DK weight aqua blue yarn - I think it was meant to be part of baby layette, but what the heck, no babies for me and none on the way that I know of for family and friends so let's give it a whirl for the square. Once again, I switched up  the pattern and from the very start it came out at 12 inches and has not budged once. Yeah - Let's Celebrate This!!!! Presto -Chango and away we go. Note: Last evening I was horribly upset due to our current unemployment status and something that happen at the market to the point of setting off an anxiety attack- never try to knit anything but garter stitch when you are that upset - I had to frog 6 rows (twice) to get back on track and that only happened after the meds kicked in. Oh the things you get thrown in life. Grr.....

Well, I'm slightly past half way on the square and it should go in the mail by Wednesday. It is suppose to end up being part of a shawl, so I hope it works. If  -not the recipient can frog it and make her own pattern - put a fork in me I'm done!!!

The good part of this day occurs in about an hour. A dear friend, Sandy is treating me to a lovely cup of coffee at the local book store as a little cheer-up. She is a precious soul and I'm honored to be her friend.

What are some of your recent knitting escapades????

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lies, Is All Lies, the Knitting Is In Great Shape....

Or so I thought! Let's just get this right out in the open, swatches lie. They pretend to be all upright and truthful and play guide to the work that is come, but they lie! I am for the most part a true swatcher. Even though my Baker's Dozen Square group laughs at me because I swatch for squares, there is a method to my madness. I don't do a full on 4x4 swatch for a square, but I do enough to see if I've cast on enough stitches and I do enough to see where I am inch-wise on the vertical so I know how many times to repeat my pattern. I suppose that I should let you know that I do not work from a pattern for a square. I take a stitch pattern that I like and work it into a square. I have a pretty good idea of what to do if I'm working with a size 7US needle as I use those to test knit everything in my design collections. Outside of that size, I work a swatch instead of guess.

So, two days ago I started a lacy square for the BD group - it is an angel assignment for a neighbor to the north up in Canada. I was actually quite happy about this one as all the other members have asked for worsted weight/acrylic yarns with good solid patterns so that they can make lovely little blankets.Now, that is totally cool, no problemo there - they are quick, fun and thus far have been appreciated by all my knitty friends. However, this particular request came from a lady that is making shawls with her squares and requesting sock or DK weight yarn in shades of blue. Don't they sound pretty? Well, as you might guess the muse started jumping around, singing her little lace songs (don't ask me to repeat them she can be a little well, interesting in her musical endeavors. She may secretly have wanted to be a musical muse, but let's say her talent was elsewhere.) Before I knew it, Muse had the stash closet ripped apart and was tossing all the balls of sock yarn into the air, juggling them, petting them, (I think the muse needed a break from all the collection design work she's been doing, it was getting a little stuffy in this studio - poor muse!) Then I stepped in and played bad cop. You see the recipient of the square has an aversion to green - can't imagine, but hey to each our own, so no green. Most of my blue sock yarn has some form of green- light green, seafoam, heathered, it's all right there. So, I kept vetoing the yarn and Muse was getting a little out of sorts. She started tossing the balls at my head (thank goodness they are somewhat soft, but still she has a wicked fast ball.) Anyway, she had tossed one that I happened to grab and it was a solid sapphire blue with a lovely sparkle running through it. It was a Vanna's Glamor yarn in sapphire. Lovely - soft - solid blue!!! Perfect. Time to decide on a stitch and do a swatch.

I chose a basic open work stitch broken up by the garter stitch. Simple, lovely and easy to add into the shawl that it was destined to become. My swatch told me that I would need 60 stitches for the 12" width and 12 repeats vertically to make 12x12 square. Simple right??? Oh you know what's coming, I've told you already, but in case you're arriving late to the party - SWATCHES LIE!!!

Last night I am what looks to be 1/2 way through the project. Good time to do a check measurement - hmmm...hmmm....what????sh** sh**sh**- it's 13.5" across and 9 repeats has only given me 7" in height. Maybe I have pulled it and that's how I got 13.5", let's try again. Calm, calm.... Remeasure - 13.5" x 7" NO....................... So, as I sit there watching Dancing With the Stars and while DH sits quietly next to me reading, I slip the needles from the square and I frog the whole thing!!!! I wrap the yarn, rub my eyes to the point of blindness and start again. Oh I should say I re-measured while still on the needles and found that my stitch count per inch was indeed different than the swatch. I recast the square using 50 stitches, changed up the pattern a little to take out some of the growth factor and began a new. Oh, this is bound to be a better square anyway, right??? (We have to tell ourselves these things or risk the chance of losing our ever loving minds.)

So, today I will knit said square and in order to keep my universe at peace and in harmony, I'm making a lasagna for dinner. I'd like to say that I have been cured of my swatchiness, but I haven't and I now know that they will probably lie to me again, but in this relationship I choose to be co-dependent for the sake all of my future sweater recipients.

Peace and joy to you....
The Green Girl.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Haiku Me, Haiku You...

Wow - the Yarn Harlot is burning down the internet highway. Her current blog is a contest - write a haiku about casting on and binding off. I've been trying to download for 20 minutes, but keep getting "Sever Error." I'll bet she doesn't do that again soon. Poor thing, all she wanted to so was share her book bounty with the other yarn harlots (I say that in lower case, as Stephanie is the only real Yarn Harlot.) Well, here is my haiku, just for you (oh, I'm all about the  rhyme now - look at me fancying myself a poet).

Cast on, Bind off, done!
Sing: That's what it's all about!
Do the knitty dance!!!! 

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

Knitters: Knowing and K-nice and K-loving....

In other words, knitters are knowing, nice and loving people. I have written recently that life is a bit shaky right now, but it will come back into balance eventually. Not sure when, but I have faith that it will. Many of my friends have offered their words of support and one has offered to have DH and I as part of their family for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, there is one person, a woman (Lara) that really doesn't know me from Eve, whom I have met and had a brief chat with in a Ravelry forum. Through an e-mail, I shared that I would have to put a future purchase on hold as DH and I have lost our jobs. That's all no details, just the facts. Well, how should she reply, but to say, "If you don't have any yarn to knit in your stash, let me know and I'll send you some of mine." Simple and matter of fact. I'm sorry, I have no witty come back for this,all I can say is that I was touched beyond words. I replied that my stash was abundant and that I was fine, but thanked her wholeheartedly for her offer. She replied that if that changed to let her know.

This got me to thinking about the different threads I read in the Ravelry forums - I see knitters and crocheters coming to each others rescue all the time. It is like being part of a world-wide sisterhood & brotherhood of the "sticks and strings." Then I realized just how much this "hood" does for all people not just its members. They knit hours and hours to make blankets for the newborns, homeless and hungry. They make tea cozy's to support medical research, Chemo caps to help those fighting the battle of their lives. They are truly an army of giving and loving humans. They can teach us all a huge lesson, regardless of the amount of time we spend doing for our families, making life work in some way that keeps us off the edge, time can be found to help someone we do not know and will never meet. They are the Golden Rule writ large!

So, whether you are a member of this "hood" or no hood, be a member of the "human hood" and give back just once. I think you'll find yourself hooked on giving! Believe me when I say it will bring you great joy and serve as a daily reminder that we are all equal.

Peace and joy to you....
The Green Girl.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yarn Harlots and Angels...

To say that it has been a rough couple of weeks is to say that hurricane Katrina was just a mild storm. She was not and it has not been an easy couple of weeks. However, as DH husband has told me over the past 29 years, if your legs walk and your lungs breathe on their own when you wake each morning, it's a good day. Too true!!! And then there are the little things that make me smile out of the blue, like the square I finished yesterday for the Baker's Dozen Group. This was an Angel Assignment for another group - the member of the month had no special requests other than the yarn be of a worsted weight. No problems!!!

Yarn Harlot One Row Pattern - I Love This Yarn in Seablue Tweed
So, I'm sitting on the sofa watching Shane in the background with DH.  Shane, is an old Alan Ladd movie and it is one of the three major human stories told in a million ways - "Stranger Comes to Town" or in this case, "Stranger Comes to the Homestead." Well, DH is reading and watching and I'm knitting. Then I just start to laugh to myself - it hits me that I am knitting a Harlot pattern for an Angel assignment. Now I know that the Yarn Harlot has a specific reference to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and her comedic take on writing about knitting, but it just hit me as funny this juxtaposition of the two words. This is just one of those little things in life that brings about a pleasant moment when the rest of life around you seems to be on a not so pleasant binge. And this was enough to keep me smiling even when I had to frog 10 rows (and I thought I'd get through an entire project with no mishaps - what planet did I think I was on anyway?)

So, what makes you smile???

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time To Trek the Cascade Loop - Newest Pattern Info.

Hi Folks -
  I have just published my latest pattern on Ravelry - Cascade Loop Scarf or Cowl (both patterns come in the download.) This pattern sells for 5.00$ US. Part of the proceeds of the sales will go to St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Here is the link to St Jude's if you are interested in knowing more about their work.
If you wish to purchase this pattern and you do not have a Ravelry account, please let me know and I can send the pattern via e-mail.
I hope you will enjoy making and wearing these projects as much as I have.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

 Cascade Loop

The Cascade Loop design is part of Oz Dust Designs, Autumn 2010 Northwest Trek design series. The Cascade Loop is a 400 mile scenic drive starting just north of Seattle, WA and leisurely winds through the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River Valley, and the Wild West Territory of the Methow Valley. My husband and I made this an annual summer trip when we lived in Seattle. Along the drive you will discover the beauty of the forest, the grandeur, and ingenuity of the Grand Coulee Dam, the vineyards, and orchards of the Inland Empire and many other glorious natural formations along the Columbia River Valley. This makes a lovely 4-5 day driving vacation and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Do the Funky Chicken....

Morning everyone - at least it is morning here in my humble abode and the furnace just kicked on (yes we broke down.) There's a mighty chill in the air today - only 36F on the outside thermometer. Brrr..... Quite crisp! The sun also seems to have decided to stay inside and be warm today, so it is a bit overcast and gray at the moment. Lots to do today, but I wanted to share a little fun from yesterday before I get started and "THE LIST." I'm sure you all have one so, good luck to you...

Yesterday was election day for the mid-term political races here in the United States. Lots of last minute political bantering going on and on and on..... Some people woke this morning and are happy, some are sad and in the end, as DH always reminds me, we made governmental changes without guns being fired or blood being spilled. For that we should all be thankful.

Moving on... (I said this was fun so no more politics.) DH and I had an errand to run and decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Grand Opening of Chick-fil-A. For all of you that live in the southern part of the U.S. you will instantly understand the draw this chicken restaurant has on all humans that have eaten there over the years. DH and I use to eat there when we lived in Pensacola almost three decades ago. It was worth the wait. The new restaurant opened about 3-5 days ago and we thought we would be safe to go without running the chance of long lines. OK- that was just wrong thinking - little did we know that the place had acted like a magnet for every person that had ever eaten at a Chick-fil-A. There weren't lines, there were LINES, two outside tents for the overflow to have a place to sit, and children that were off from school because of the election (when did that start by the way - we never got to miss school because of elections) and traffic wardens  guiding the hundreds of cars to parking spaces and areas off the property. Holy Chicken (notice I didn't say cow, wouldn't want to offend the Chick!!!) For a second I thought we were in line to see, oh I don't know, you pick a celebrity that you would wait in a line for and insert here_________.

However, I must say the employees had it going on - the place was working like my knitting needles when I'm in the zone - flash, flash, flash - done, thank you, out the! Best of all, it was worth the 25+ year wait to eat that chicken. It's not a heavy breading, or a huge bunch of crunchy stuff, it's light and real honest to goodness chicken and then there are the mouth watering, lip smacking waffle fries. Oh heavenly lord and all his saints and angels - those fries are a work of pure genius. Again, like the chicken, light and fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside. It's really a good thing that we will have to drive a good distance to get there, or I'd gain weight by the potato wagon. In the end we took our pictures to commemorate the day and had a lovely ride home. Truly the nicest part of the day was spending the time with Dave. What can I say, I love him.

So, go forth, do the funky chicken and enjoy eating one of your favorite treats - then get back to the holiday knitting. Time - it be a ticking.....

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl.