Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Headlines From The "Muse".....

Hello Everyone - This is Muse. I wanted to try my hand at writing and as the Green Girl is off working on one of my latest ideas, I thought I'd just drop you all a note. Honestly, I will not let the Green Girl write again until she finishes her two Baker's Dozen squares. She's had a lot going on in the life department lately and she needs to get caught up. However, I'll be around all day, so if you want to chat, share your muse's latest brilliant project just pop me a comment.

When the Green Girl gets back, she will hopefully have her first You Tube - "How To" technique video. It has to do with double pointed needles. Intrigued you didn't I????

 So, as the Green Girl would say,
Peace and joy to you all...
The Muse.

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