Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Apple Cup Throwdown....

Morning all - It's a lovely November morning here in the Midwest. Our backyard is full of lovely Autumn leaves and the sun is shining. I'm on my way to a book fair to support the local theater group and tonight Dave and I are going to see the theater's children's rendition of "Robin Hood." The children always do a remarkable job on their productions and I'm sure we will be well entertained. All in all it should be a lovely day.

I know that the muse spoke to you all earlier in the week. I'm finally caught up with my knitty responsibilities and have been allowed to use the computer once again. That muse of mine can be a stern task mistress - she really loves those high heeled black knee boots! Anyway, I have started a project and thought perhaps I was going to be caught up well short on the deadline, but I now know that I may be able to eek it out.

Dave and I lived in Seattle for most of our adult lives as I may have mentioned. While the state of Washington has several wonderful universities and colleges of higher learning, the University of Washington (Huskies) and the Washington State University (Cougars) have a very long standing rivalry. UW is located in Seattle and WSU is across the mountains in Pullman. Every year they hold a football game called the "Apple Cup." It is usually the weekend before or of Thanksgiving. The local TV anchors wear their school colors and the throw some generally good humored banter back and forth for about a week prior. And let's just say, you had better take up sides or someone will conscript your behind and throw their preferred colors around your neck. As Dave and I are not from Washington, we chose WSU when we moved to town as we had both attended Illinois State University in our youth. So, we would put on our crimson/white/black garb and yell "Go Cougs" on game day. Then I went and did something that changed the balance of our "Apple Cup" affiliation for the rest of our lives. I decided to return to school and get some more book learning and a couple degrees along the way. Where did I attend??? Well, we lived in Seattle, and it just so happened only about 2 miles from UW. I was going to be an official Husky. Oh the horror!!! My fellow Cougar friends would actually shake their heads and tisk, tisk me. Now listen, you figure it out, 2 miles to class or 6-8 hours over the mountains. Logically it makes sense to go to UW, but some friends actually said I should move to Pullman and come home on the weekends. DH was not appreciative of that idea. So, in order to pay homage to both schools, I would wear purple and gold on the years the game was in Seattle and crimson and black when it was in Pullman. Trust me when I say, no one was happy with my decision. Game day become a bit interesting in that old Chinese curse kind of way for about 3-4 years.

Well, now we zip forward in time and DH and I are in the Midwest. We could go back to cheering for ISU, but our hearts are still with the teams in Washington for now. So, this year in order to honor both schools I am knitting myself an "Apple Cup" scarf. Half in Husky colors and half in Cougar colors. As you can see I've just started it, but it is a quick pattern and for some reason known only to the Game Day deities the Cup will be played on December 4th this year. The latest date in the history of the game. Just enough time to knit my fingers numb and get the scarf completed for wearing during the game. Hurrah!!!

Any sports rivalries in your family?????

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.