Monday, November 8, 2010

Knitters: Knowing and K-nice and K-loving....

In other words, knitters are knowing, nice and loving people. I have written recently that life is a bit shaky right now, but it will come back into balance eventually. Not sure when, but I have faith that it will. Many of my friends have offered their words of support and one has offered to have DH and I as part of their family for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, there is one person, a woman (Lara) that really doesn't know me from Eve, whom I have met and had a brief chat with in a Ravelry forum. Through an e-mail, I shared that I would have to put a future purchase on hold as DH and I have lost our jobs. That's all no details, just the facts. Well, how should she reply, but to say, "If you don't have any yarn to knit in your stash, let me know and I'll send you some of mine." Simple and matter of fact. I'm sorry, I have no witty come back for this,all I can say is that I was touched beyond words. I replied that my stash was abundant and that I was fine, but thanked her wholeheartedly for her offer. She replied that if that changed to let her know.

This got me to thinking about the different threads I read in the Ravelry forums - I see knitters and crocheters coming to each others rescue all the time. It is like being part of a world-wide sisterhood & brotherhood of the "sticks and strings." Then I realized just how much this "hood" does for all people not just its members. They knit hours and hours to make blankets for the newborns, homeless and hungry. They make tea cozy's to support medical research, Chemo caps to help those fighting the battle of their lives. They are truly an army of giving and loving humans. They can teach us all a huge lesson, regardless of the amount of time we spend doing for our families, making life work in some way that keeps us off the edge, time can be found to help someone we do not know and will never meet. They are the Golden Rule writ large!

So, whether you are a member of this "hood" or no hood, be a member of the "human hood" and give back just once. I think you'll find yourself hooked on giving! Believe me when I say it will bring you great joy and serve as a daily reminder that we are all equal.

Peace and joy to you....
The Green Girl.

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