Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bank Fraud - Hairpin Lace and Other Holiday Fun.....

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over holiday fun has officially begun. To start off the seasonal festivities, DH and I have been the victims of a process called, "skimming." This is when someone gets a hold of your debit/bank card information and takes money from your account. According to an article this happens to 1-5 people so we are in good company. Apparently your information can be skimmed when you use your card at the gas station, atm, or just about anywhere else in the known universe. Hurrah - no one's safe!!!! Makes me feel so much better. We were skimmed by a lovely company in Minsk Belarus. Six large charges all of the same amount were taken on Thanksgiving day. We are now in the process of creating new identities with the bank, obtaining new cards, etc... I feel like we have entered the witness protection program. And there's nothing to say that this won't happen again with the new info.... I just feel so warm and cozy!!!! Happy Holidays and pass the vodka comrade!!!

On a more knitty note, I had a chance to take up an old fiber art form of Hairpin Lace. I remember this from the 70's and vaguely recall having tried my hand at it back in the day. It was brought to my attention once again while watching a re-run of "Knitty Gritty" hosted by Vickie Howell. So, with coupon in hand I picked up a lace loom and in order to relax and try to get my zen back, I have been mindlessly making lace all weekend. I'm trying to work it into a knitted object. I don't like what you see in the picture in regard to the knitting, I think it is the knitting pattern that I don't like with the lace. I'm going to frog that pattern and try a standard stockinette stitch. I love the lace even though it is a little bit fussy at first. It gets much easier. I think it will work into a knitted pattern well, as soon as I figure out what pattern to use.

This Tuesday is my 3.5 year oncology check-up. Only 1.5 years of checks to go after that. Getting closer all the time. I always take a knitting project with me to the office. As DH and I drive about 70 miles to the clinic in Chicago it helps to take a car project and an office project. Last time it was a loomed sock, this time it will probably be a hat. Nothing to large or cumbersome, but something that will take my mind off the business of the day. Truly an impossible act to achieve, but every little bit helps. Doesn't seem to matter that it has been 3.5 years since my cancer surgery, each appointment reminds me of the first and feels like the first. The worst part is hearing the MRI machine on the floor below our waiting room. That sound will forever indicate to me that someone is having their life changed for all time. My heart breaks for each one of those women. They were just going along, living their lives and then WHAMO!!!!! However, as I well know, the doctors can help us to get well. Oh there are still consequences that I deal with every day, but I'm here and except for some scars of the physical and mental variety, I'm well, I'm loved, and I'm knitting!!!! Hurrah!!!! Wouldn't have been able to go through this without DH. He is all I ever thought him to be and 10,000 times more. Thanks, my love!

So, let the holidays begin - let there be joy and love and all the rest at this time and throughout the new year to come. And keep your knitting close, it will help you through the good, the bad and ugly of each day. KNIT ON!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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