Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pretty In Pink Camo....

Well, today's appointment with my oncologist went well. I've moved to the final stage of observation for the rest of my appointments, which means I just need exams, but not invasive tests. Hurrah!!! It was a long day, but I accomplished quite a little bit on my niece's holiday hat. That's right all this in a 1.5 hour car drive after frogging the first attempt.

I found this pink camo yarn several months ago and as her father (my brother) really wanted her to have something in pink camouflage, I thought this would be a good compromise. I'm going to add knitted curls at the crown instead of a pom pom and embroider a few little roses onto the body of the hat. Sporty, yet girly at the same time. 

The pattern is just a basic seed stitch brim and stockinette body. The yarn is striping quite nicely, but I thought it would block out in more of a true camo pattern. Oh well, I think the idea is there. I'm also going to make a matching scarf as well. I may attach it to the hat as a one and done. At two years  old, the chances of her losing the one of the pieces is pretty high, odds are better for long term use if they are stitched together.

So, I'm almost ready to mark one more knitted gift off the holiday list. What's on your knitty gift list this year???

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and am so glad the appointment went well :) I knit everywhere, dr's offices, grocery store lines and even when we were at Bush Gardens and the line for a ride was super long. Funny thing, there was another lady knitting in line too!

Greengirl said...

Thanks Lara - Knit on!!!