Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Have a Knitter.....

Ok - I'll make one thing clear now so as not to sound overly prejudice when I share the most exciting news of recent days. I think all of my nieces and nephews, whether by blood or pure love are the best people in world. They are each tremendously smart, kind and creative little humans (well three are adults now, but you get the idea.) I am proud of each and every one of them to point of love abounding.I mean how could I prouder of Jason, the stop-action movie maker, Jim the doctor, Tom the Air Force Weatherman, Nic the caregiver of all animals, Beth the teacher, Mason the music lover, Katrina the helper and protective older sister, or Kate the 2 year old linguist. Well, I couldn't be - I'm fortunate to have these lovely people as part of my life. However, today is a special day for Kayla. She has become a knitter.

I got news this morning that Kayla, one of our twins in California has learned to knit at school. Kayla is 9 years old and her mother sent out a great picture on Facebook of Kayla knitting with her yarn in a little basket. Concentrating on each little stitch - I know you all remember those days. Sorry I couldn't make the picture larger, I blame FB and their new photo gallery.  Apparently she is a little knitting crazed person. Yeah!!! So, today I declare it "Kayla The Knitter" day!!! This changes the entire holiday gift scenario as well. We have a knitter in the family!

Well done my sweet and lovely, Kayla. I am  so happy that you are enjoying your new skill. It will always be yours. It can help you to keep warm, show your love to others, put food on the table and mostly it will help you to de-stress in a busy life as you grow-up and allow for hours of fun.

Here are a few tips for our newest little knitter:
1)There is no knitting police. Find your way of doing something and go for it no matter what someone else tells you.
2) Take pictures of your successes and failures - it will allow you to view your progress over your lifetime.
3) Remember to make a swatch, but also that swatches lie. It's not your fault the sweater is three times too big or small - it's the swatch.
4) I will always be here to help answer your questions, love away the stress, and cheer you on with each project you make.
5) Always remember tip #1. There is no knitting police.
6) Knitting can travel with you anywhere. Even the grocery line at the market.
7) Share your gift with others and don't worry about the people that think it strange. They are secretly impressed.
8) I love you - not because you are a knitter, but because you are Kayla!

Peace and joy to all our little knitters.....
The Green Girl

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