Monday, December 20, 2010

The Blue Camo Hat....

This is the third in the series of camo hats made for holiday gifts. All going to the good boys and girl in one particular household. This hat is for the oldest child, Jason. The yarn is the same brand that I used for the Pink Camo hat and the Renegade Camo hat, but obviously the colorway is blue/brown. I found that this hat knit up a little differently in that it did a self-stripping thing that I kinda like. One row in brown, one in blue. Looks like I really thought it through ( we all know that was just dumb luck.)

Now that this hat is finished, I have one knitted project left to complete before Friday when I will have to deliver the goods (I mean gifts of course.) A sweet little hand knit teddy bear puppet that I shall name Belle as there will be little bells stuffed in the paws. More on that later.

I decided to make this hat top down as I had already frogged it twice working in the traditional bottom up fashion. I really enjoyed this process, thought it made things a bit less stressful. All the increases in this case were done quickly at first and then all I had to do was knit, knit, knit, which made it a good project for working in front of the telly. Here's the basic recipe for making a top down hat. Enjoy!

Blue Camo Hat:
1 skein worsted weight yarn of choice.
size 5 US dpns -set of 5 needles
Guage: 5sts wide/inch - 7 sts high/inch

cast on 9 stitches with long tail cast on.
divide stitches among the needles three/needle
join in the round
This pattern is repeated for each needle of which there should be 4 needles with live stitches and one needle for working.
Row1: Knit all
Row2: kfb for all stitches (24 sts)
Row 3: knit all (for all odd numbered rows in the increase section you will be doing a row of knit all after every row of increases.)
Row 4: *kfb, k2* repeat until the end of the row (32)
Row 5: Quiz time - what do you do after a row of increases? Ding, ding, ding - gold stars for everyone that said knit a round.
Row 6: *kfb, k3* to end (40)
Row 7: knit
Row 8: *kfb, k4* to end (48)
Row 10: * kfb, k5* to end (56)
Row 12: *kfb, k6* to end (64)
Row 14: (Get ready there's going to be a change) kfb, knit all stitches until last stitch, kfb
Row 16: *kfb, k7* to end (72)
Row 18: kfb, knit all stitches until last stitch, kfb (80)
Row 20: *kfb, k8* to end (88)

Increases are complete - now starts the knitting rounds
Knit all rounds until you have knit 4-6 inches (if you knit 5-6 inches, you will be able to easily turn up the brim for a secondary look)

Aside: The increase section can be stopped earlier for a hat for a small child or continued in fashion for a hat for a giant - you get to decide.)

At the end of the knitting phase, it is time to start the ribbing.
All Rows: *k3,p1*
Work ribbing for 2 inches. (If you flip up this section the brim will have a reverse pattern of P3,K1 which gives the new look.)
At the end of the ribbing - Do a basic bind off - semi-loosely
Weave in tails - Put on head - head out in the snow and have fun!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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