Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yesterday I wrote about my oncology appointment and the pink camo hat that I'm knitting for my niece, Kate. As I said then it ended up as a good day. That is not how I felt at the beginning of the day. These oncology check-ups although they always go well, really take a toll on me the day before and the day of, I think I've talked about this in a previous thread so I won't bother repeating myself. Anyway, I always take a project to knit. There is always the 1.5 hour drive, the waiting in the office, the waiting in the room, the waiting, the waiting, oh the waiting. So, you'd better have something to do and in my case it had better be something that will keep my blood pressure at it's normal 118/58 or they may just think that I have something else wrong with me (they'd be right, but it would my crazy alter ego that takes over when I'm stressed and not my heart.)

Of course my de-stressor of choice is knitting and sometimes reading. I really get too distracted to read in a doctor's office, not sure why. I mean why can I hone in on knitting when I'm there, but reading makes me crazier. Anyone need a good thesis topic - I'll happily volunteer as a test subject. Ok - back to the story at hand, (doesn't that saying just work when you're talking about knitting) DH and I are sitting on the comfy sofa in the waiting area (see the waiting is built right into the name, you know there is going to be some waiting going on) and I pull out the knitting. Then I notice, people are looking at me. I'm really not being paranoid, people were looking my way. Was my wig on crooked, were my panties in a noticeable twist, or was it the knitting. We'll assume it was the knitting. DH usually is pretty good about telling me about my wig or to get my panties out of a twist. Then it hits me - no one knows that I knit out of my love for the art, as a part of my new design business, or to de-stress myself - I'm sitting in an oncology office knitting a hat - I am a cliche' par excellence!!! My self-confidence went right out the window, I wanted to run and hide in a corner - for goodness sake people go about your business and stop looking at me! I wanted to stand up and yell this hat is for my two year old niece, it's not a chemo cap, I am not a sad-sack waiting for your sympathy!!

Then, out of the blue (I did not see them walk into the room so a divine act must be at play) two women come over and sit next to DH and myself on the other comfy sofa. Woman #1 looks at me and says, "Oh look this is our section." Both women sit down and take their knitting from their tote bags, both were making holiday gifts as well. That's when I realized that my crazy evil twin had been sitting on my shoulder and zapping me of all my rational thought. These two lovely angels were sent to remind me that perhaps, just perhaps, the people in the room were looking at the knitting and thinking things like, "How cute," "Isn't she talented," "Wish I could do that (you can.)" Regardless of what they were thinking, my fellow knit-sisters had saved the day. Soon thereafter the nurse called me back, my blood pressure was its normal range and I got wonderful good news after all the poking and prodding was complete. Hurrah!!!!

You see, it doesn't take much to turn someone's day around. Many thanks to the ladies (angels perhaps) on comfy sofa #2, I hope your day turned out as well as my own.

Go forth and make someone's journey a bit lighter.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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