Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Doby, Doby, Do.......

OK - the non-knit stuff is that DH is at his interview right now and I'm ready to jump out of my skin. He has been there for three hours. I can only hope that is a good sign. I have every faith in his abilities as this is the same position as his former job at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, but a different company now here in Illinois. My husband is an amazing person - he gives his all 110% = 24/7-365!!! I do not brag in this, but tell the complete truth. Anyone that knows him will attest to the truth of what I say. Go get'em, Luv!!!

The other non-knitting part of the day has consisted of laundry (only on load two - it'll be a long night) and prepping for mini meatball sandwiches and Italian oven fries w/parm and herbs. YUM!!! If interview goes well it's a nice celebration, if not it's good comfort food.

Now, onto the knitting at hand (I just crack myself up with that phrase - it's just so knitty.) You may all laugh now - pleassssseeeee!!!! Don't leave me hanging in my own bad jokes. The Doby sock is finished, complete with crocheted loop for hanging on our friend's tree (if they like.) I have not knitted any socks in a few months due to other projects and it felt so good to knit the heel flap, it was ecstasy to turn the heel and practically nirvana to graft the toe. What a high. Of course this now has me wanting to pull out the sock yarn and start a new pair of socks. I mean really , really badly!!! I know in one part of my brain that I have a hat to make and scarf to finish and so on....but the socks, oh the socks they are calling!!! Maybe just a cast-on and cuff??? We'll see how well I do with self-control in this area - don't call your bookie just yet, you don't want to wager the farm this close to Christmas.

I know I've been knitting a lot as my old back injury is bothering me and my neck keeps popping and cracking along with my left elbow. All signs that I should take the night off and not suffer for my art, but isn't there also a saying that suffering makes us stronger. If that is the case, I should be able to plow over just about anything right about now!!!

Well, DH will surely be home fairly soon, so I should go and pre-heat the oven for the yummy goody dinner that's prepped and waiting in the frig. Enjoy your evening or morning depending on where you are on this beautiful little blue planet of ours.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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