Monday, December 13, 2010

Sugar Plums.....

Sugar Plums are said to have magical qualities, different to each person that they contact. They even have their own fairy. Well, I think I have been influenced by just such a fairy or perhaps it was that wee glass of Christmas Port I had the other night, either way due to the holiday spirit(s) my memory has been clouded.

The socks that infiltrated the holiday knitting were completed on Sunday morning. I sat in bed with my coffee and knit until I grafted the last toe stitch. Then I put them on and went to show DH. These socks have some power over me, I couldn't put them down while knitting, I can't stop wearing them and I have to show them to everyone and they aren't anything special. The work of the Sugar Plum Fairy, I'm thinking.  So, as I'm twisting my foot to show off the perfectly turned heel and the neat grafted toes, DH says, "Hey those look just like your Tye Dyed Tootsie socks from last year. Did you make another pair?" What????? No way, surely he's wrong, he has a problem with noticing changes sometimes (he professes anyway) perhaps he just thinks they look the same. Off to the sock drawer I run and low and behold there are the not quite exact, but awful close Tye Dyed Tootsie socks. Yep, the yarn is close enough that I would have said the same thing. See what I mean about their magical power, I didn't even notice the yarn was so similar. Oh well, no ones feet can ever have too many psychedelic socks.

Tye Dyed Tootsie Socks
Sugarplum Socks

I suppose it is the season for Sugar Plums and Gingerbread men and all the rest of the delights that go along with the holidays. Perhaps a pair of Candy Cane socks for next season. Candy Canes don't have their own fairy, but perhaps the muse would wear a costume and fill in for a while.

To one and all, Peace Out and Joy now and for the new year....
The Green Girl

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