Friday, December 10, 2010

Global Warming Strikes...

Today was a self imposed girl's day, with me, myself and I. I realized earlier in the week that I needed to be among the 3-D people and look at things and touch things. Kind of a sensory input exercise. As I figure this won't happen over the weekend because we are suppose to get snow and driving the back roads - well, not a good idea in the snow. So, I took off and headed north. All was well until.....

Once in the shopping mall it had to be 150,000 degrees F. Trust me, I could have been in shorts and tank top and still felt like I needed sunblock. The place was an oven. Employees in one department store were sweating enough that you could smell their body odor - no kidding I wanted to hand out wet naps and antiperspirant to the poor things. One customer that I talked too said she was about to faint and was fanning herself. Well, move over sister because I'm about to join you. Now, I believe that I have figured out part of my own problem, ever since my cancer surgery 3.5 years ago, my thermostat is not right - it's like having my own personal global warming - is it real, is it not - the  signs are looking more like, yes!!! And the wig is not helping. If I ever wanted to rip that puppy off and say, "frag it all, I don't care what I look like" it was today. If I start to get warm the wig makes my head feel like a furnace. So hot that I start to feel ill. Well, I've figured out a good reason to grab a handful of clothes and head to the dressing rooms. I don't care what the clothes are and they can all be a size XXS for all I care, I just want a reason to go sit in the room and take wig off!!! After a good 10-15 minute cool down, I grabbed my things and headed back to the entrance where the car was parked. I was so drained I didn't even finish going to all my planned stops, not even the yarn store. Now you know just how gross I felt. It has to be 5 alarm bad to keep me out of a yarn store.
I drove all the way home with the windows down. Still feel like a wet dishrag and am now ready to hibernate my way through the weekend.

And to top it off, not one stitch did I complete on any knitting project. No pictures today, no story of how string and sticks make the most beautiful..... (insert object here.) Just laid on the sofa while DH read and I watched total trash TV. I  could not tell you what I watched, just something in background.

Next self-imposed girl's day will include trip to lion cage and alligator wrestling - it will be outside, so it already has a leg up on today's adventure. Lest we think that my day ruined, it was not - heat stroke not withstanding, I did find a lovely little gift for self on deep discount sale. I'm just too tried to take the picture. But it made sweating off five pounds worth every drop.

By the way, how was your day????

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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