Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks....

Well, there's only a few hours to go and we here in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Although this day has special significance for us in the states, I find myself giving thanks for so many people and things that have no connection to this country. To all my friends from around the world, whether we've ever met in the 3-D world or just in cyberspace you have all enriched my life. Which brings me to saying that I am thankful for the World Wide Web. I know so many people, have experienced so many things, and learned so much about this precious planet of ours because of those three little letters (www.) that take me anywhere I want to go. It is such a pleasure and blessing to live in this time and place.

Tomorrow will bring the turkey, the dressing, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie and much more food than any of us have the need to consume. The abundance is overwhelming. However, there are so many that have none, just like the 4th little piggy in the nursery rhyme. So, I ask that we all give just one can, one hour, one hand knit, or one dollar to help someone in need. Not just now at this time when we think about giving, but I send out a challenge to give "Just One...." each month of the year. By this time next year the blessings in your life will be ever abundant  and perhaps the lives of 12 others will be better than they are now. On Friday of this week, I will donate one bag of food to our local shelter. In December I will donate one knitted blanket to a new mother and child at the local hospital. Those things are confirmed, now I will consider my giving for the rest of the year and I will keep you all updated in hope that it will spur us all on to grab the hand of someone in need and lift them up.

To everyone, everywhere - whether you live in the United States or elsewhere - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.

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Laurie Larsen said...

Greengirl, I hope that this Thanksgiving Day is the beginning of a renewed period of bounty and abundance in your life!