Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lotta Bit or Itty Bit....

I was reading the profile of a knitting friend today and it made me want to ask you all this question - how much of a project do you have to have completed in order to visualize it in the final state? In her profile, my friend wrote that she has to have a good six-eight inches of knitting done in order to start feeling that the project will be finished and used.

That seems to me to an itty bit of work to get a feeling of completion. It seems that she is basically saying as long as I have a the project underway, pass the cast on stage, I'm good. I on the other hand want the project done at about three row stage, but I don't get that completed feeling until at least 50-65% is hanging off the needles. And there is still a voice in the back of my mind saying, "You still may have to frog this whole project don't get too excited." Is that fear or experience speaking - maybe both???

Frogging a project is not my most favorite thing to do and I would guess that many of you would agree with that. However, I am trying to take on a new attitude in regard to frogging. I was reading a scene in a Knit Lit novel where they were using frogging as a way to let go frustration with a kind yoga, stretching things to help take away their pent up anger towards the project being frogged.  So, I have begun to see frogging as a way to get my zen on rather than a way to add stress to my life. Breathe in, stretch your arms out all while frogging a row of mistakenly knit fabric. Breathe in - out - frog it all about. See there's already a little rhyme to help bring on the state of peace that knitting usually carries. Can we now say that frogging is good for our health??? Perhaps?? Maybe it's time a for field study!

Now for some business news - the website is still coming along although I'm having trouble with it accepting the blog as a feed and the shopping cart is not cooperating. Paying someone to do this may have been a wiser decision in the long run, but I am learning new things, which is suppose to keep my brain from shriveling away as I age- so that's the positive side of all this.

For all of you that follow the Green Girl Blog, I have added a search function to the blog page in case you want to look something up by keyword. Honestly, I don't know how I would survive without search boxes on the websites that I use, so please forgive my tardiness in getting this useful tool out for your convenience.

And lastly - don't forget to pass the word that The Green Girl blog can now be taken with you on the go, through download onto your Kindle e-reader. Just go to Amazon.com- the blog can be found under the Kindle Store - The Green Girl

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl

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