Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi Folks - I'm feeling a bit like the edges are starting to un-glue this week.

1) Have been waiting for 6 weeks for the internet guy to show up and fix our service - he's coming today. Hopefully I can now get the website finished. This has been a big and disappointing set-back.

2) Re-injured the broken finger last night - Woohoo!!! What else can I say.

3) Planning a huge development wide garage sale with my sister in-law so the house looks like a disaster zone as I stage all the salable items.

4) Am now on the 35th  neck warmer for the summer fairs - only 65 more to go by July - minimum.

5) We were invaded by ants yesterday so I spent most of the day vacuuming those up and DH laid down ants bait outside as soon he got home. Yesterday's warmth brought all those babies out to play. Woohoo!!

6) DH is now working 3rd shift (was promised this would not be the case in order to get him to take this job). He's not sleeping well and neither am I. We both decided we're each a little bit traumatized once again.

7) Started to knit a piece of Shetland lace this week with a lovely soft cream mohair.

8) My body feels exposed and in desperate need of a sit down with an umbrella drink.

So, that's living in the Green Girl's world this week. I hope you all are finding ways to combat your own stress and are looking forward to fun summers filled with love and laughter.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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Spinster Beth said...

Oh ... hang in there! Once that garage sale is over, you'll have lots more room for more yarn!