Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bringing in the Skeins...

This picture says it all - it is time for the harvest. Bringing in the corn, beans, wheat and rye. This picture tells me that it is time for harvest festivals, apple cider, bonfires, little globblins and ghouls, and knitting. This picture also got me to thinking that like the little mice of the fields and other woodland creatures it is time to harvest and stash to prepare for the long dark days of Winter that are heading our way. The lovely sunshine of Autumn has a way of fooling us into false hope that life will remain idyllic and peaceful. Ha! Trust me, the long dark days are coming sooner than we would like to think. You've now been warned!!!
So, last night while waiting for sleep to come into my room and sprinkle it's magic dust upon me, (aka - I had insomnia for the 14th day running - Oh Yeah - Let's celebrate this!) the muse and I got our heads together and decided to do a little harvesting of our own . The doors to he stash closet were flung open - the bins were taken from their shelves and placed on the floor and we went to work picking out lovely warm yarns to be made into gifts. Some camouflage yarn in green, blue and pink for hats and scarves for the nephews and niece -  a lovely soft rosy pink wool/acrylic blend for a scarf for SIL - ball after ball put aside for the many pairs of socks and slippers - and oodles of soft wool for a new family room blanket for those cozy nights in front of the fireplace. That brought the stash down, well by one bin - honestly who are we kidding -that didn't really put a dent in the stash, but in my mind and that of the muse we now have room to harvest new yarn from all the Autumn sales that are going on at the stores. Let's remember that the stash is a layered affair - some of it  is for inspiration only and will never be used. The stuff that was taken out last night was always meant to be a gift so it came from gift assortment. All in all it felt like a productive way to spend my sleepless night. Whether or not that would really pass muster with anyone else - is well - really not my concern - it's my stash - mine all mine!!!! Ha Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

I also want to post a little plea for everyone to try and do a little charity knitting in the next couple months. Lots of folks are in need these days - seems like even more than in years past. Knit a square or two for Warm Up America-- knit a hat or two or three for folks at the local soup kitchen - perhaps a blanket for a new mom in need. Every piece that we knit from our stash for someone in need will come back to us many times over. I believe this, my life has been so enriched by knitting for others and this is the best time of year for helping. The smallest actions can have the largest results.

Peace and joy to you all as you harvest and stash your way through the season....
The Green Girl

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