Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No More Hints...

Dear Santa, Santa's Helper, Interested Party...
    Hi - It' the Green Girl. I know it's been a while since you received an official letter of request from me, but I hope that you have space to fit me back onto your list. I try to be good, but as you know a little too much stress and I have been known to turn the air blue. Sorry about that. I turn back to you because it seems that no one can take a hint around here. I knit - everyone knows I knit - I even leave pictures around the house of items that would fit in my stocking (hand knit of course) and for items that would fit under the tree. However, it's a no go - not a skein, needle set, loom, or tape measure to be had. So, now I am making it official. I would like nothing more for Christmas that knitty things. Gift cards to craft of yarn stores would be gladly accepted.

Thanks for your help and peace and joy to you now and in the new year.
The Green Girl


I decided that since we all listen to children when they ask for certain things at the holidays, we knitty people should be heard as well.  I'm even going as far as to make a specific list for the DH and family. If they feel that they want to give me a give at the holidays, please choose from the list. I don't want to hear that I'm going to far.... Nonsense! Like I said we listen to children's requests all the time. Why not mine. This should make things easier, not harder. There's always someone in the family that you have a hard time finding a gift for, well you can check me off the difficult list. I'm now easy peasy!!! Of course it is my self-imposed rule that all gifts are received with love and kept. If someone thinks enough of me to give me a gift, I'll think enough of them to keep it.

So, to all my knitty friends - stand up or rather sit down and write out your holiday wish list. No messing about - sign, seal and deliver to all acceptable parties. Ask for their list in return. I bet there are many folks that would love to hand out their own list at the holidays, but are too embarrassed. You can lead the way!!! And remember Santa like cookies and milk (or vodka = grown-up cookies and milk.)

Hugs and sending you all peace and joy for the holiday season and the new year to come.....
The Green Girl.

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