Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Days... Made for Knitty Adventures....

It is the most beautiful Autumn morning so far this season. Sunny - crisp - cold (39F)- just the right type of weather for making a fire in the fire place (wonder if that would count me out in the Yarn Harlot's furnace wars - hmmm..), getting all cuddly in a favorite chair and knitting the day away. It's even the perfect day for an outside event, but don't forget to bring the knitting - it would be such a lost opportunity on a day like this. These are the kinds of days when people ask you about your knitting and you are so filled with the joy of it all that you over share (something about crisp air and knitting makes me chatty.) That's alright, these days are also the days for making new knitters. Someone will get inspired today, learn a new skill and a new muse will be born full of ideas and ready for mischief. Ah, I love these days so much - wonder would I get tired of them if I had my way and each day were like this? Hmm....Does be careful what you wish for come into play here? Hmm...Oh who cares it's a knitty day and I'm lovin' it. Go forth and love it, too...We'll just have one big knitty love fest!!!

Oh - just remembered must move some furniture around with DH later as we are making the formal living room a non-formal, but secondary cozy family space. We are not formal people and we do not live formal lives so I have never seen a reason for us to have a formal living space. The furniture is lovely and came from a real furniture store,(gift from mother when I finished my thesis,) not IKEA, which is my home design studio of choice. Well, by choice, but let's be real by wallet as well. Anyway, DH and I have never had a house this large and even after a year we are still trying to get the layout just right. The current great room/kitchen-dining area are just right, but this other room has been bothering me the whole time. It has the fireplace and after living in Seattle, I refuse to give up such cozy and inexpensive form of heating. So, as this room sits next to the family room we are going to try and merge the two.

I also wanted to share a little knitty find with you all. Many of you will know the words Signature Needle Arts (let the drooling begin - just not on the yarn - felting with your own saliva is probably not a fad you wish start.)  And if you don't know these words, go now - stop reading this drivel and Google SNA - it's love baby!!!! Then put them on your holiday wish list with a big double star to indicate their importance in the gift giving scheme. I've said it before, I'm not a prude when it comes to my needles, I use lots of different brands, but SNA's are so scrummy and pretty, too - I just can't help myself. Anyway, one of the SNA options is the ever so sexy and pointy Stiletto pointed needle. Some knitters have been known to draw blood by accidentally poking themselves with the tips - on this I do not speak from experience, but they love to share their war stories on Ravelry and it seems this happens with some regularity. This got me to thinking, these points are pretty sharp and meant to be so, but how should I store them to keep them in good condition. If I store with tips down, the working area can be damaged, if I store with the tips up you can't see the lovely stoppers in the shape of beautiful silver spirals. Quandary! Then this morning as I'm eating my oatmeal and reading "Knits From the Heart" by: Kristin Spurkland (lovely book for making little knitty gifts - but out of print Grr... this is library copy,) the Muse pops in and says. "Hey, remember the problem with storing the SNA's? Well why don't you use the smallest of those green end caps - save tips and see the spiral end caps with no worries." Smart little thing that muse. These little stopper thingys come in a package - sold at Hobby Lobby (maybe elsewhere, too) and they are for putting on crochet hooks as finger pads. I don't really get this as they are closed at one end, but perhaps you are suppose to punch through that end with the hook - haven't ever figured that one out, but that's alright. I originally got these to be end stoppers for some dpns that I use as single straights from time to time - they work like a charm and now I find that for my SNA's they work as well. And see I'm being green (as in environs) as well by re-purposing an item used for something else (remember to pat self on back later - see I do try.) So, even if you can't find these covers, surely there is something like them in your LYS.

OK - off to enjoy the lovely day - hope you all are as inspired as I.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

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