Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn Surprises.....

Well, what an interesting day in that old Chinese curse kind of way. Woke up this morning to blaring sirens, tornado sirens that is. Didn't anyone tell the folks at the National Weather Center that it's October for goodness sakes. The skies were dark and grey - clouds were very ominous looking and it was pouring rain. TV reports that one tornado was ten miles from us and moving our way, a second tornado was 12 miles from us and moving our way. What? Are we the bulls-eye of the target or something. We remain under a watch for another 2 hours. Under normal circumstances it would make for a quite  time to sit in the hallway (safe zone) and knit away the hours, but not today. Things are afoot today - praying for a positive outcome, but only time will tell.

These are my Spring Rhododendrons. Lovely little purple flowers, reminds me of Seattle, very nice. However, it is October!!! Leaves should be changing colors and dropping off, not blooming and changing and dropping. What in the world!!! Yep, they are in bloom again.
See the whole Chinese curse thing in action - it's a sign - what of, I have no idea, but it is definitely a sign. I have decided to make it good sign. Purple, reddish brown, green, nature obviously thinks this is a good combo. So, one of my next projects, I will take nature's example and put these colors together and see what happens. For now, I will have to ponder this whole blooming in Autumn thing. Very Strange indeed!!!
Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

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