Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarf -A- Thon....

Yarn: Stella by:TAMM - Pattern: A modified version of the "Glass Bottle Scarf" from BoHoKNits
OK - I'll come right out with it - I am the world's worst daughter!!! Yep - no doubt about it - I'm bad, bad, bad. It is my mother's birthday on Saturday and I completely forgot to make her birthday scarf. I've had the yarn, needles, pattern for at least six months, but until last night at about 10:30pm I had completely forgot to make said gift. Once again I ask, where are my freaking little helper mice, like Cinderella's?

I started this scarf about four times before I figured out what I wanted it to be, because you see I have changed the pattern as I always do - just cannot leave well enough alone. In this case, my mom would never wear the original pattern as it is a little too BoHo for her tastes (I love the original for myself.) However, I love the stitch pattern and with a little change here and there, my mom will like it as well. I so desperately hope!!!

The yarn is really lovely and has a sparkle thread running through it, but you cannot see it in the picture. My mother has a brown coat for the winter, so this should go nicely.   

So, today is a scarf-a-thon no matter where I am or what I'm doing I have to knit, knit, knit so that I can get this blocked tonight in order to give the gift by Saturday.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl (aka - The Bad Daughter)


Spundun said...

LOL, not so much a bad daughter as a last-minute daughter.

Good luck on getting it done and I hope we get to see a photo of the happy recipient!

Greengirl said...

Well - last minute = bad in her eyes. I'm over half way so should be done for tomorrow.

Laurie Larsen said...

Hey, I would've gone out and bought a gift card -- you busted your butt to make a beautiful handmade gift last minute. Now, in the scheme of things, who's the more thoughtful daughter???