Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere and a Flu Shot to Boot.....

It's now Sunday and I can look back on the last two days with a little bit of detachment. All the drama started on Friday morning. I woke at the usual time and as I went out the kitchen I noticed that DH had many pantry items sitting out on the counter and the table. I also noticed a few drops of water on the floor. What happened? It's too early still to add these things up and come up with the appropriate answer all on my own. DH then walks in from the laundry room and informs me that the hot water overflow valve decided to open all on it's own and dump about 2 gallons of water all over the pantry floor. Let's Celebrate This..... I should explain that the reason it wasn't 30 gallons of water is because we have this tres' chic hot water on demand system. Apparently used widely in Europe. Just a little 2x3 foot box anchored to the wall with a couple of small pipes. And the best part - no one gets cold in the shower when someone else flushes the toilet and you can take a looong hot shower and never run our of hot water (that's what Friday night or Sunday morning showers are for.) It's basically a girls dream to never run out of hot water. On the practical side it is more economic as it doesn't sit around keeping 30 gallons of water hot 24/7. It's the whole cake and eat it too, thing. Yeah!!!

Moving on - apparently when this system was installed two years ago, it was not installed to code. Meaning, the installer,(which may have been my dad, so I'm going to nice here) didn't run a hard pipe from the overflow valve to a drain in floor or a bucket on the floor. The valve just comes out three feet from the floor ready to splash hot water all over my belongings and it did. Ruined about 200.00 worth of food and small appliances and then there was the repair work cost that DH had to do on Saturday morning. Praise for the DH as he did a spectacular job of bringing the installation up to code and running the pipe into a small bucket on the floor. That was a task worth celebrating.Then later in the day I completely re-organized the pantry, which was something I'd been meaning to do. No, no, no, don't say it was a good thing then that the water valve broke. It wasn't, it just forced me to take time from other important tasks and do this task earlier than planned. It's done now though and can be checked off the Autumn To Do list.

Before the pantry re-org happened on Saturday and while DH was busy with his domestic chores, I flew the coup picked-up my SIL and we had a bit of girls morning. We had breakfast, did the Friends and Family Sale at Michael's Crafts (non-knitted holiday gifts and cards were purchased with discount for .80cents a piece - Hurray) and then we did the responsible, but non-fun thing for the day and went to Walgreens and got our Flu shots. SIL gets hospitalized with respiratory illness quite easily in the Winter and we're hoping that this vaccine will help keep that at bay this year. I on the other hand am required to get said shot in order to get my mid-year observation check-up at the cancer center. Since that appointment is in December and that's flu season, all patients are required to get the shot in order to keep from passing the germs onto some of the rather extremely ill patients. I'm fortunate, I'll be 3.5 years out from my cancer surgery at my next appointment and except for dealing with my own personal global warming and loss of all my hair (brought on early by the hormone changes from the surgery and family trauma) I am doing really well. Yeah! Let's Really Celebrate This... However, some of the patients that I see on my visits are quite ill and I don't want my germs to get the better of my fellow sojourners as they are fighting their battles. Think about that the next time you decide not to get your flu shot. Who's life might you be endangering beside your own. Food for thought and end of public service announcement.

Autumn is really here - it's been cool for days and I'm wearing my 5$ Hanes sweat shirts in the house now and yummy woolly socks. No furnace yet, that would be giving in too soon - it's still 64 degrees in the house. Plenty of time for the furnace later on in the season.  Odd thing is I thought it was freezing in here back in the summer when it was 74-75 degrees inside while 90+ outside. That's all still a mystery to me. Anyway, lots to do today - taking a vacation day from work tomorrow in order to do my real work - write my patterns and get them onto Ravelry. Look forward to tomorrows blog (not sure when it will post) but it will be all about the new collection and how to get your hot little hands on the patterns. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl

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