Thursday, October 7, 2010

If You Have to Have a Creedo....

Title: Line from "National Lampoons Vacation" with Chevy Chase.

As the Green Girl it only seemed right that I would adopt, "Defy Gravity" as my creedo. I actually have a rubber bracelet with these words as well and I use to wear it before every exam I took, paper I wrote, or research proposal I put forth. And now as I prepare to launch my Northwest Trek pattern collection, these words once again motivate me to be proud of myself, do my best, and have a thick skin just in case. ;>)

In the picture, the piece sticking out of the top is a hint of Cascade Forest, a pattern in the new collection. And it is only a hint, the best part is still hidden (that's intentional by the way.) This tote is my current large or multiple project knitting bag, so I am reminded of this creedo on a regular basis and trust me this is a good thing. As many artist's will understand, creating is a freeing, wonderful experience, but it's best pal is often self-doubt and it likes bite you right in the bum just when you are feeling your best. I just try to remember to put on my Wonder Woman cuffs and grab my magic lasso and be as defiant as possible (sometimes, a glass of port and some Ghirardelli  chocolate/caramel squares help, too.)

Getting ever closer to launch day for the collection. Hands are hurting and elbow is stiff (a little tendinitis), but I continue to go forth and be knitty. Tonight is a bit of a treat though as it is movie night with my nephew, Nic. Pizza and installment three of the Tinker Belle series. He told me that even though he's nine now and really into his guy stuff, he loves his aunty and will  always watch a Tinker movie with me so that I have company. Ah, if they would only stay little, but what a kind thing to say. I love that kid and I'm so glad he's my nephew. He truly has the kindest heart, for that matter so does his older brother, Jason. In that way they remind me of my maternal grandfather and there couldn't be anyone better for the boys to take after. Anyway, enough aunty pride, after our movie and dinner, I'll settle back into my knitting. I have two of the pieces blocking and two on the needles, and all  the patterns written waiting for final pictures and edits. The finish line looms.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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