Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In A World.....

The house was quite (except for the washing machine and dishwasher of course,) I was snuggled up on the sofa and my knitty things were there with me. One test knit project for the collection getting closer to completion (I really thought I'd be done by now,) one personal project sitting there begging for attention, one angel square 2/3 done in three lovely colors and the TV tuned into "Dancing with the Stars" the results show for background noise until it was time for "Caprica." (Yes, I am a certified Sci-Fi geek - didn't you see that coming?) ;>)

Being the conscientious person that I try to be (really I do try everyday,)  I took up the project for the collection and continued on with my work. I must say I really like this piece and I can't wait to get it photographed (please by this Friday - I beg all the knitting powers in the universe - photos on Friday.) Then I hear, "We have something to be truly thankful for. If we get any news, you'll get it live right here." The TV presenter was talking about the men stuck 2000 feet underground in the mine in Chile - the rescue effort to bring them out of the mining cave had begun, months before any of the experts thought it would happen, all men alive and in fairly good health. Hearing this good news made my heart sore for the men, their families and for the world. 

In a world... where we pit the haves and have nots, one nation against another nation, where we refuse to understand one another's ways before passing judgment because they  are not like us - people had come together in a effort to save lives and reunite families. Chile is a relatively newly developed nation and their government knew enough to stay out of things and let the professionals do their work. No nightly finger pointing on the news while men sweat away their lives in a pit in the earth. Oh there is bound to be confrontation after the rescue is over, but for the last two months, the rescue and well being of these men has been the only concern of all involved. And this morning at 7:30am CST, 12 men had been rescued and the rest of the operation was going well. Hurray!!!! Hurray for the Chilean people, the experts, the men, and for the world. We are better today because we came together in an act humanity to save our fellows. No blood shed, no guns, no politics.

It is nice to know that in this world....  a middle aged (slightly fleshy and obviously opinionated) woman can sit safely in her home at night, following her passion, knitting away and watch the miracle of humanity's great capabilities many thousands of miles away. That's the world I want for my god-children, my nieces and nephews, great-nephews and for all of your children as well.

Knit on my friends - bring peace and joy where you can.

Peace and joy to you all....and to our brothers and sisters in Chile as well...
The Green Girl.

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