Monday, September 20, 2010

The Lost Weekend....

That title says it all - the weekend that held so much promise for getting important work done went nowhere. Let's get it the way back machine and dial it for Friday, 9/17/10.

It's 5:00pm and DH and I head off to dinner at our favorite diner. Busy as always, but the white fish was delicious and DH had a nice pork tenderloin dinner. DH runs off after dinner to rehearsal and I go for a quick errand and then home. I enter the Twilight Zone  at the market. In all honesty, the mistake is my own because I trusted someone else to do their job. I'm learning that this is an ever stupid idea on my part. I don't know why people cannot do the jobs they were hired for or keep their word when they say they'll do something, but honestly I'm done spending brain power on trying to figure it out. It is was it is, I will not be precious about such things ever again.We'll move on from here as I really don't want to get into the mayhem that took place at the market, suffice it to say that was the beginning of the end of the weekend.

I'm now at home and I'm so exhausted from the market ordeal that instead of cleaning out the knitting bag and getting my designs in further order, I put on the pj's and watched trashy TV (and I didn't care.) As you may have read earlier, the plague had hit earlier in the week and it helped to set-up a small infection.The meds I'm on for that seem to have the lovely effect of causing an anxiety attack (you know the feeling that you are going to crawl out of your skin.) Lovely, more meds to counter that. So, as I lay on the sofa in my cuddly pj's wrapped up in a snugly watching the Food channel, QVC, and Science Fiction (I warned you it was all trash TV) I was also dealing with this exhausting anxiety feeling.  Holy Creepy Crawly's, Batman!!! I tried to go to bed at a reasonable time and these meds just kept me awake forever.

Now, we are at Saturday. I sleep in a bit, but I'm feeling better and hoping that when I take my meds today things will be alright (hope springs eternal.) DH is up and about and getting ready to leave for the day. We talk and I tell him about my day. I go out to the kitchen have some breakfast, coffee (Warning, Warning, Will Robinson!) take my meds and then proceed to check in on FB and Ravelry. Then within 30 minutes, WHAMO!!!! The anxiety is back with a vengeance. I go and take my anti-anxiety med and no go - it's on strike or something because it's not working. No way, no how! And we have company coming for dinner (well my brother and sister in-law and niece,) but I'm making Moroccan stew, couscous, and best of all bread pudding. I wait another hour and then I go take another dose of the anti-anxiety meds (this is allowed according to the doctor that I had called - I know I sounded like someone that had escaped from a psych ward, but it was the meds man. She also informed me that I shouldn't drink coffee. Too Late!) I also had to make the decision about dinner. DH was still gone, so no conferring on this one. It was coming down to the wire for getting the stew going and the meds were barely buffeting the creepy crawly's. So, I called DB and canceled dinner. I felt awful, but I just didn't know how things would go.  Ended up spending almost all day in bed, finally made some pasta shway shway (pasta fast fast - quick and easy dish in minutes) for my dinner and collapsed on the sofa with DH for the rest of the night. Day one of the weekend lost - never  to return - I could see it walking down the road waving good-bye as it went on it's merry way.

Sunday: woke and felt much better, but realized that I had to take my meds. OK- I'll try something different, no coffee as apparently it expands the consciousness in a bad way when on this drug. Eat a full breakfast, drink my appropriate juice (recommended by doc) and do my Sunday morning reading, then take drugs. If this plan fails to keep the creepy crawly's at bay at least I will have had a nice start to the day. And it worked!!!! The angels sang, the heavens shown brightly, no anxiety side effect. Praise the Maker!!! I also kept drinking bottles of water, which in my mind tells me that I was keeping the meds diluted in my blood stream and that kept the effect away (maybe, maybe not, but I'm sticking to that idea.I need something to cling to at this point.) So, I shower, get in the car and go out to do the real marketing. Then WHAMO!!! I'm at same said market as Friday night and as I'm bagging my groceries, I turn and the stand that the bags are held on stabs me in the stomach (right in my surgical incision from my cancer surgery.) Stars, birds, lightening bolts all flash before my eyes, I double over in horrific pain and lean against the trolley. Who would have known that a three year old scar could still hurt so badly. After what seemed forever I finish bagging  the groceries and limp out of the store (this store has it in for me I'm sure of it - I told you Friday wasn't a pretty scenario.) And by the way, I think the eco gods were getting back at me for using plastic bags. I always use my own bags, have for several years, but had forgotten to bring them into the store on this day. Even though I'm enough pain to bring down a 500lbs bull, I make it to the next shop, get the marketing done there (remember to bring in my own bag) and get myself home. I take a headache tablet for pain and put an ice pack on my belly. Too late - black/purple/red/green bruise already appearing and spreading out to three times the site of impact. It's lovely!!!!
Moving on, I decided to make a quick Hoisin  glazed chicken with Chinese noodles and asparagus for dinner. I'm keeping myself together, oh I'm in pain, but DH is home now and I can't moan and groan to quite the extent as I can when he's gone (it just freaks him out, and there's no use in us both being edgy today.) Now, when I have made Chinese noodles in the past, I use regular old thin spaghetti. It works like a charm, but while at the market today I noticed actual Chinese noodles by the fresh ginger and thought why not give them a try. Bad idea - don't know what happened but they were basically wallpaper paste. I had also tried a new sauce recipe, way too much peanut butter (tasted like a PB&J sandwich.) Chicken was yummy though - lesson, stick to known recipes that I know aka - if it ain't broke, don't fix! Grrrr....

Finally, dinner is over, laundry is done ( that is the one thing I was able to do with exactitude while in my anxiety ridden haze on Saturday, even gave me enough vim and vigor to organize the pantry) DH and I settle on the sofa to watch Boardwalk Empire (new HBO series.) Learned some things I didn't know about this part of American history. Anyway, I finally break out the knitting at 8:00pm CST and start the test knit on one of the last designs for the Autumn Collection. Ten minutes into the show I rip in out, start again, at 30 minutes I rip it out again. I love the yarn, and the effect I'm getting, but something isn't right. Ah - it's the needle size, this pattern needs to be a bit looser, up in size we go. 45 minutes - rip it out again. DH looks and says, trouble or are you just having fun. Hilarious!!!! Grr.... Now he knows this is my process and I'm guessing he was just testing the waters to see if I was in another drug induced freak out. Fourth times a charm...not only does the needle size need to change the pattern needs to be altered. Fourth test is lovely - done and done! However, by this time it's 12:02am, Monday morning so officially I accomplished nothing in the knitting department over the weekend. At least not in my time zone. If I still lived in Seattle it would only be 10:02pm and I would have saved the weekend from being a total loss. So, I choose in my head to be in Seattle. The pattern name is Twilight on Tahoma (so that's perfect.) Oh, as an aside, Tahoma is the ancient Indian name for Mt. Rainier out in Washington state.

I have three more days of meds, but hopefully I've figured a way to keep the creepy crawly's at bay. This Green Girl is rather black and blue from this weekend, physically an emotionally, but as Scarlet would say, tomorrow is another day. And as I would say, it better be a good one!!!!

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green/Black & Blue Girl.

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