Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a Library Thing....

I make no bones about the fact that I am a book-aholic. My mom took me to the library to get my first library card at the tender age of five. I've volunteered in libraries, spent countless hours sitting in the stacks going to far away places, and even more hours researching and writing. The library is my happy place, its the place I feel most myself and most comfortable.

Wouldn't you know it, the library is a great place to knit! Why shouldn't it be, have you seen all the lovely knitting books they keep in the library? Nuggets just waiting to be taken home and read and then to have projects created from their pages. I own a substantial (at least I think so and it's mine so that's what counts) library of knitting books, but I can see even more at the library. I can give them a bit of test drive before I decide to buy. It's an adventure like no other - my two favorite pastimes (OK - we'll call them what they really are - addictions) are wrapped up in one spot.

So, the next time you have a free morning or afternoon - grab your book bag and knitting bag and head over to your local library. Go to the stacks find piles of knitting books, find a comfy chair (they are mandatory in all libraries nowadays) and read and knit. I'll also bet you that you get a tap on the shoulder from you dear muse. The muse loves the library, she hangs there a lot. You might also strike up a conversation that will change your life - how???? You may meet someone wanting to learn to knit, ask a question about your knitting (crow at this time - it may be your only chance for the day,) you may even meet a new friend. In the end relax, release, enjoy!!! The library can be a magical place, you never know what may happen there.

Peace and joy to you all......
The Green Girl - off on another adventure.

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Greyhound Jane said...

Oh I love Library as well, you can keep your kindles and other electronic gadgets, there will never be a substitute for a good book. The feel and the smell....so many memories. Second hand book shops are great as well for find ing hidden gems, I've found many an interesting book hidden amongst a dusty pile.