Monday, September 6, 2010

Starry Starry Night......

Saturday was the most beautiful day of the entire summer in my humble opinion. The heat finally broke and the temperature was around 74-75F with a light breeze. It could not have been any better. A perfect day to celebrate Dave's B-Day with his parents. It made driving down to Bloomington a lovely experience, sitting and talking with my in-laws (with no AC -finally) a lovely experience. I saw twin sisters in their wedding gowns (they had stopped at Starbucks of all places) on the way to their ceremony. I hope they remembered the mints. Those girls could not have planned for a nicer day to be wed. All in all the trip was fab!

I love knowing that I can knit in the car. I surely cannot read in the car and on family vacations as a kid, I basically slept my way across country to keep from throwing up the entire time. Made my mom as mad as an old wet hen. "Diana, wake-up - stop sleeping you're missing everything." "Mom - I can't help it if I open my eyes I'll throw-up." On and on it went for 18 years. However, as an adult I have found that this does not apply to knitting. Yeah!!! So, as DH and I drove down to see his parents, I began to knit a headband for a friend going through chemo. The pattern is a freebie from the web and is tres' easy! Basically you just increase the purls every so many inches, which widens the pattern to make a basic rib look like peaks and valleys. I'm using the Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn in a mid-tone gray. This yarn is part wool, part bamboo and very, very soft.

After our nice visit with Dave's parents, we headed back up the highway to home. It was about 9:00pm so it was completely dark. The days are once again getting shorter. We could see the planet Jupiter out the window plain as you please. It was just so bright. Now, as I am and have been my entire life a star gazer, I twisted around in my seat and looked up. What awaited me there was no less than a sight that was truly breath taking. The night sky was full of stars. More stars than I've seen in ages. The weather had been so clear that it had made for a perfect evening sky. Constellations were everywhere and so plain to see - it is the one time I wish the CRV had a moon roof. I finally started to nod off , but every little bit I would wake and look back up at that beautiful sky and then WHAM! She got me me! You know who I'm talking about - the Muse! Somehow she had stowed away in the back of the car. Before I knew it she was sitting in the back seat whispering things in my ear - like Starry Starry Night.... Scarf in navy blue with lighter flecks - maybe a lace idea. Every time I waved her away, there she was again. Apparently she didn't realize that the trip from Bloomington to home late at night is for listening to the highway and sleeping. However, I suspect she did know and was just being a pest. Anyway, although I did no knitting on the way home, a new pattern was born thanks to a pesky muse and a truly awesome night sky.

Peace and joy to you all......
The Green Girl.

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