Friday, September 3, 2010

All About Dave.....

Today, September 3, 2010 is the birthday of my DH, Dave. So, no knitting in this blog - it's all about Dave.

Dave is/has/was. etc....
1) The most conscientious person I've ever known. In 31 years he's never missed an appointment, been late or forgot our anniversary.
2) A smile that still after all these years makes my stomach do a little flip.
3) A mother that calls him at exactly 11:02am CST in order to re-live the moment of his birth. He was an actual Labor Day baby and was born during the pet parade.
4) Lost 70 lbs in the last two years - with effort and as he says, "pulling away from the table." He's always looked good to me, but now he looks good to him and that's important.
5) He flew for the US Navy. That's how we ended up living in Seattle.
6) Is a biochemist by profession. He is pure genius on two legs. No kidding!
7) Loves all his nieces, nephews and god children as if they were his own: Beth, Jim, Tom, Jason, Nic, Kate, Katrina, Kayla and Mason, JT and Jacob.
8) Is a wicked horse shoe thrower.
9)Is now participating in his second stage production. (Winkie General in - The Wizard of Oz.)
10) He is the middle of three brothers, Bob, Dave and Steve.
11) Enjoys lap swimming as a form of exercise and a time to ponder his thoughts.
12) Is married to me for the past 28.5 years. What a ride!
13) Has a lovely singing voice and sang in the Turbo-Tones, which was the DuWop group for the US Navy's School's Command Choir in Pensacola, Florida.
14) Has seen the stars from the middle of the ocean - how totally cool!!
15) Wrote a tremendously insightful book a bit before it's time, but now watches as science, religion and humanity in general are catching up to his thesis. That makes him quite happy. As he says, "Baby steps will get us there."
16) Is my best friend!!!

I could keep going, but this gives you some idea of who Dave is on paper anyway. You will never meet anyone quite like him and you'll like him immediately. Dave has enriched my life and others in more ways than I can count and in more ways than any of us realize. Yes, I am married to a super man!!!

So, Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Have a great day and know that on this and every other day of the year, I love you!!!!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl.


margaret said...

Such a sweet description! Happy Birthday to David! (sorry I still think of him with the expanded name...) I have a feeling that you are the best gift of his life. ♥

Laurie Larsen said...

So, so lovely! In a day and age where 60% of marriages end in divorce, and I've known a lot of unhappy marriages that fall into that other 40%, the fact that you still feel this way about your hubby after 28.5 years of wedded bliss means... that you guys are perfect for each other, and somehow, at such a young age, you both made the smartest decision of your lives! Great job! And happy birthday Dave!

madscienst said...

Thanks, Babber. You write a very good tribute. I'm sorry for throwing away most of the weekend doing CAD drawings for work. Now on to another several hours of dance practice before we head over to your folks' for the cookout.
You continue to be my best friend. And as we've both agreed, that's the secret to a happy marriage. You gotta be friends first off.