Monday, September 27, 2010

An Autumn Surprise and Crochet Challenge.....

It was a busy weekend. Saturday, we had to get a new tire for DH car (4 hours.) I thought it was the lost weekend all over again. Then on Sunday we had a double family birthday party for Nic (9) and Kate (2). Although it was cold and windy (definitely time to start thinking warm wooly hand knit socks, scarves and sweaters) we all had really nice time. The children each had several friends attend and there was two very yummy birthday cakes made by my sister in-law, Shona (she is also momma of Nic and Kate.) All in all a lovely event.

Then it was time to return home and try and salvage part of the time spent waiting on Saturday for the tire. That meant (drum roll, please,) you got it - THE LAUNDRY!!! Honestly, I think it just breeds in the laundry room. It's not finished, but at least I got Dave's work clothes done so that he's not walking around the office naked. As the weather has changed, he'd be very cold. Tonight I will drag out the Fall/Winter clothes and get them going in the laundry and get the Spring/Summer stuff put away. This is a chore of great proportion, but I don't really mind as I love this time of year. Really it's like someone just flipped the switch again and we went from furnace hot to chilly in 0.5 seconds. Again, that's ok - it will get colder and that's ok. As "The Yarn Harlot" would say, the furnace wars have begun. How long can we hold out. It will have to get a lot colder.

Then I got the loveliest surprise. I was closing the curtains that look out on the deck and there in the pot of dead flowers from the summer, was one little marigold all in bloom and perfect. There havne't been marigolds in that pot since June. I had to run outside with the camera. There in amongst all that deadness (note to self: get your Autumn gardening done) was this little burst of color. So pretty.  Maybe it's a sign of good things to come this autumn.

This got me thinking about how much I love the colors of Autumn - orange, gold, red, browns. I'm knitting a square for the October MOM (member of the month) for my Baker's Dozen group and it will be orange/red/cream (her choices) but the colors are just right for this season. They remind me of the leaves that are already turning in the neighborhood. I'm really enjoying this square and I had better because I have taken on a challenge with the moderator of my BD group. You see we've been having this discussion that crocheting a square in the round is easier to get the proper size than knitting one. I don't think so. With knitting you do a little calculation at the beginning and you're pretty much assured to get what you want. The crocheters keep saying that they just adjust from single/double/half-double stitches as they go to get what they want. Now, honestly I think that's fine, but not easier. So, the challenge is, I crochet a square for November and Eve will knit a square. Then we will compare notes. I know how to crochet, I use to do it a lot more than I do now, but knitting has always been my truest love in the world of fiber arts so I don't crochet as much anymore. Anyway, I have to find a pattern in the round, dig out my hooks and see what I come up with. Stay tuned.... I believe the colors are to be pink and purple. Wish me luck.

OK - It's Monday and I should do a little work today. I'm still trying to get the Autumn collection completed, but it's looking like I'll need to extend one week. Too many life events happened that side tracked my best laid plans. Sorry about that, but I hope you will all find the collection worth the wait.

Peace and joy to you all.....

The Green Girl

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Spundun said...

It will be interesting to read the results. I knit and crochet and can think of a not too complicated way with each method to make a perfect square without too much along the line of math or fudging!