Friday, September 17, 2010

The Green Girl On The Go.....Going....Gone!!!

It's Friday and it's almost time to head out for the week. DH is taking me to my favorite diner for their white fish dinner (love it.) So, as I start to get things picked up around the office, I look over at my knitting bag. It's a mess and I don't mean a little one. Yarn, books, fig newtons, needles, coffee mug, juice bottle, all bulging out of the top and around the sides, plus I still have two projects, another book, and a camera to stuff into the depths of said bag. Ouch, was that a needle poking me in the hand??  I didn't realize that I had become a "Bag Lady" or at least a "Knitting Bag Lady". I've been so busy trying to get projects and patterns finished that instead of emptying my bag each night and repacking it with the things for the next day, I've just been piling it all in the bag and hoping for the best. This image now has me worried that when I get home and look at my studio it's going to look the same. In the back of my brain I know the studio looks just as bad, where are those freakin' helper mice again. I'll bet they're over at Cinderella's house sipping tea.

Then no sooner did I snap the pictures to show the world my disgrace and slothfulness (really I don't know why I show this to anyone - note to self: have head examined), but I hear crash, bang! Slowly I turn and the bag is on the floor, the contents spilled into the dusty corner. All my lovely knits in a heap as if they were to go out with the daily trash. Poor, poor knits! So, I pick them up, dust them off and stuff them right back into the bag. I didn't even take time to fold and place them nicely. What's wrong with me???

Tonight, DH is going to be gone and so it was going to be a "Gavin and Stacey" marathon with some last minute design work on the side. Now, it's going to be a take out each piece from the bag and treat it with the proper respect - I mean this bag is so full those helper mice might just be in the bottom, who knows! Then if there's time, "Gavin and Stacey to the rescue of my addled brain with design work on the side and  my own cuppa.

And that's what it's like to be the Green Girl on the go and as you can see I'm way far gone.

Peace and joy to you all...
The Green Girl.

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