Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Crochet Challenge - Training Begins....

OK - As I have written previously, I am in a challenge with a friend in my Baker's Dozen group on Ravelry. She thinks it's easier to get a 12x12 square with crochet and I say it's just as easy if not easier with knitting. So, she is to make a knitted square and I a crocheted square from the round. That's the basics and it's all for fun, but as it is a challenge, I need to get in some training time. Flex those fingers, get out my favorite hook (yes, I have a favorite from years ago - start the Rocky soundtrack now,) and practice a little. It has been years since I crocheted an actual object as my love of knitting just moved the crochet aside. I think the whole knitting vs. crochet thing is a silly psychological mind game, but it seems that as with all human endeavors we have to choose sides. OK - as long as no one gets hurt, I'm cool with be basically being on the knitting team.

In order to start my training, I've been looking for granny square patterns. Patterns that are more than the basic because to be honest the openness of the basic granny square is a little too drafty for the type of fabric I like to make when I knit or even crochet. I found a book with 99 varieties of squares at Hobby Lobby (was able to use a 40% of coupon as well) and I think I see a couple of squares that might fit the challenge. I'll work up a couple over the weekend and see what I think.

If you have any ideas - let me know. I'll be getting in shape for the main event over the next couple weeks.

Peace and joy to yo all.... 
The Green Girl

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