Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What if......

It is a lovely early Autumn day here in the greater Chicago-land area. The sun is out, the temperature is mild, the sky is aqua blue without a cloud. Yep, it's the perfect time for a "What if.." day.  Yesterday, I was writing an essay about my two grandmothers. These women were unique each in their own way and they were both great influences on the woman I am today and I want their stories written down for my niece, Kate as she will never know them in any other way. One of my fondest memories, besides knitting, crocheting and quilting with them, was a game they use to play with me, "What if..." That's the question we would ask and then fill in the details. What if  I had an empty semi-truck and a million dollars? What if I built a house on the edge of your property and lived fifteen feet away? Then we would spend the day discussing all the possibilities of the "what if." And the best way to play this game was laying together on a blanket in the sun on a cool day out in the yard. The sky was an enormous canvas for our minds to play out the "what if" scenario.

So, with the sky being clear and beautiful today and for as long as the weather complies, it's a great day to play the game. My question today would be, "What if I had a million dollars and 24 hours to spend on knitting supplies?"

There would have to be a plan. I mean that much money and time makes my head spin a little. Would I buy online, spend some of the time driving to LYS, would I be specific about my purchases or buy on mass just to get the goods and then sort them out later. How much could I get for my million dollars? Would I just up and buy a shop pre-filled and start a business? This game may take some time and a lot of iced tea out on the deck. Ah - the muse just came running in - she felt the vibe of the game and wants to play as well. This is the perfect game for the muse, as my good friend, Laurie would say, "She's so excited that she gets silly ears."

So, hopefully you all will have a little time to yourselves today. Take a few minutes and play along. "What if you had one million dollars and 24 hours to spend on buying (fill in your art form here) supplies?"

Let me know how your game turns out.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl


Debbie said...

I played that game with your Grandma also,sitting on the old swing, sipping my ice tea. Usually while the kids were running silly nilly around her flower beds and garden, teasing her old dog and chasing kittens. I don't think we ever spent that whole million. Which reminds me I have a pic to share with you, as soon as I find it. I call it a lil' piece of heaven.
Aunt Debbie

Greengirl said...

I can see this scene in my mind - it's like I'm there. Thanks for sharing it with me.