Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Every Time A Bell Rings....

An angel gets it's wings. Yep that's the way the line goes in that age old classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." That's a great image isn't it? Angels all sparkly and white with their fluffy new wings - a really dazzling site to behold. Then there is a saying that goes, "Wow, I wonder what her angel looks like - it must have taken a real beating."

Now, I am only a knitting angel third class, but that's pretty much how I feel after this last angel assignment. I still do not understand why this was so difficult, but I had more dropped stitches and mis-knitted pattern rows than I ever have in the past. I mean honestly, how often do you drop the entire row at one time. I spent more time getting the stitches back on the needle. Someone, ring the bell I'm ready for the wings.

Upon further investigation and in the light of day, I think the "troubles" (as they will now be called) had to do with the needles. They are extra long (so I could knit both squares at once,) plastic and wicked slippery. What did I do to them??? Whatever it was these needles did not want to knit these squares, so I forced them into submission. I think they got the hint after I threw them across the room and turned the air a light sky blue. I think I would have broken them on purpose, but they have a metal core (their secret weapon to keep knitters from doing just that.) In the end, we made peace, the squares were finished and mailed off to their new home in California. And as I was fading off to sleep, I thought I heard a small bell in the distance.

Peace and joy to you all......
The Green Girl

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