Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of Mice and Me......

Cinderella had her mice and they were good mice. They helped her clean the castle and sew the prettiest ball gown in the kingdom. You might say they were her angels. Well, good for her! If only....... Where are my freaking little mice helpers?????

Today started out bright and full of possibilities (even though I slept very little last night and apparently even less tonight - it's 3:30am right now.) Dave and I had a lovely little breakfast together and he offered (yes folks, he offered) to go with me on my errands around town and for no other reason than he wanted to spend time with his wife. Lovely, truly lovely. And so we did just that (went out on our errands that is.) And what comes next can only be described as a day gone pear shaped.

I have to say right now that I am in no way complaining about my responsibilities as a knitting angel. I am ranting about my inability to make one little decision that would have saved me from the results of this day and kept me from begging to have furry woodland creatures as my back-up singers in this journey called life.

Our story will now resume. One of the errands was to run in and out of Hobby Lobby to purchase one skein of "dusty pink" yarn in order to complete my Angel Assignment for my Baker's Dozen knitting group. Now, I had this yarn in the stash and thought I had enough to complete the one 12x12 inch square that I was knitting up. Until last night when I realized that, no, no way, I was going to need about half of a second skein. I'm thinking this is no problem as I saw four skeins of this exact color at HL only two days ago, when I was there to pick-up yarn for another angel assignment. So, DH sits in the car as I run into the store only to find that there is not one skein left of "dusty pink" yarn. Okay - that's okay, I'll run over to Michael's as they carry this brand of yarn as well and actually have a larger selection of colors. It would be on our route anyway, no big deal. So, once again DH sits in the car as I run into the store and once again, no yarn! Strike two! I call the local Joann's - strike three!!! I am not ripping this square out and making it in another yarn, this poor woman has been waiting for her square since June because the designated person could not complete the task (we don't ask why - we all have "life" that happens -so absolutely no judgment.) And I happen to have the very yarn she wanted in my stash, so this square is going to be completed in the yarn of her choice. This is now a mission!! Oh no - did I say mission? Ya'll don't know this yet, but that means the same thing as obsession. I will find this yarn and I will get this square completed and in the mail by my Monday deadline. I go back to the car after calling the Joann's that is 30 minutes away - they have the yarn - they are setting it aside for me. Hurray!! Only that means that the nice day I've been having with DH will now come to an end because there is no way he's going to drive with me up to another yarn store. It's just not even an option to ask - he doesn't even have any of his reading material with him in the car to keep him busy while I've run into these two local stores, asking him to drive this distance and sit is cruel - I won't do it.

I drop DH at home, change into comfortable shoes and head up the road. And the beat goes on.... I get stopped by not one, but two trains (one going and one coming.) I finally make it through the worse Saturday back-road traffic that I've seen to date, get the yarn and get back to town and I still have to buy groceries, go home make dinner and try to save this day. Oh did I mention that my battery on the mobile was dead and I couldn't call to tell DH why I was going to be over an hour later than planned. Long story, short - a 1.5 hour trip turned into a 4 hour trip. We finally ate dinner at 7:30pm and didn't watch our romantic movie ( a little film called Aliens) until almost 9:00pm. And all this occurs because when I was standing in the HL two days ago, I decided not to listen to my inner voice and buy that one extra skein of "dusty pink" yarn. So, I ask where were my little mice friends when I needed them. If they made a ball gown for Cinderella surely they could have spun me some yarn or done my laundry (which will be my all day Sunday task now.)

All I can say is, "Lesson Learned." Oh - picture is of square in progress. It's a gathered stitch, but I don't think it photographed very well in regard to showing that aspect of the design.

Peace and joy to you......and all of your little helpers.
The Green Girl

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Kristine said...

haha - This is SO my life! Love it!