Monday, August 16, 2010

The Angel Cometh.......

Well another Monday is almost over. It was an interesting day and not in the Chinese curse sort of way, but rather a day of revelations on many fronts. I have been given my first Angel assignment for a fellow knitter in my personal Baker's Dozen group. Her color choices are dusty rose and dusty green. I think that's a lovely combination and I think I will knit a square with both colors rather than just one or the other. I hope the person that was suppose to knit the square is alright - I think we had heard she was having a lot "life" happening at the moment. Life certainly can be overwhelming. It seems to be overwhelming a few of my friends these days - I'm here if anyone needs an ear to listen.
As you may have seen in a previous post, I finished my personal winter scarf and now have started on one that will be a holiday gift. It's a fantastic mauve color and I think the recipient will at least love the color. Fingers crossed. Poor sock is still sitting on the loom glaring at me for not working on it all weekend. Sorry - you're not forgotten, just set a side for the good of .... well..... anyway.... I'll get back to you soon. Promise.
And the muse is back in full glory. I really think she was on strike until I got this studio completed - now that I have she's
partying like it's - oh pick a year - she's lovin' life!!!
OK - I need to go raid the stash and find a skein of dusty pink and dusty green - then I need to fluff up my wings and be an Angel for the rest of the evening. Too bad I don't still have my 1977 Farrah flip!

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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