Friday, August 27, 2010

Tinker,Tailor,Solider, Knitter....

I love this book by John le Carre' - of course his character was a spy and that really has nothing to do with this blog entry. I just thought it made a zippy title. OK - I'm tired, it's Friday afternoon and I'm not completely on my game. Just go with it - OK...

I have been working a lot of late nights to try and finish up my Fall 2010 knit collection so that it can be published on Ravelry and sold via (my soon to it operational) website. As I work during the day as well, I find myself dragging today. However, the muse has been sticking it out with me and has really helped me out of a bind today.

One of the pieces in this collection is going to be knit in a fine gauge (US size 2 needle - that's the only hint I'm giving - I've said my peace and counted to 3.) Today I had a goal to knit up a swatch for this piece while I was at my day job. Friday is typically slow. Quite by accident I brought my size 2, 16" circular needles instead of my size 2 needles with a longer cable. To top it off I had grabbed an inexpensive pair with a cable that wasn't very flexible. I started the swatch and the lack of give in the cable was making things difficult. I dug around in my tote bag to see if by any hope I had a spare pair stuck somewhere in the dark recesses of the bag. Nope, not today!

Well, they say necessity is the mother of invention and sure enough today it was (I think my muse is the mother of necessities cousin or something.) This is the conversation that ensued with the muse:
Muse: "How much do you like these needles?"
Me: "Shoo - go away, I'm not doing what I think you're about to suggest. These are knitting needles, made this way for a purpose. "
Muse:"Didn't you buy these on whim in the discount bin?"
Me: "Yes, I must admit that I did, so what?"
Muse: "Then make them into a tool that you will use and enjoy. I'm tired of listening to you complain."

Within two minutes, the needles that you see in the picture were born. I took and cut right through the cable at the half way point - Viola' two needles - then I put a little clear tape around the ends of the cable to make them thicker and pushed them into two needle stoppers.
I love these - the needles are nice and short and the bend forms to my hand -YEAH!!! The cable gives me a little extra space for the stitches and are still a bit flexible. There are probably needles like this for sale already, you can probably do this with needle sets that click together ( I don't own such a set (expense and not given as a gift yet - maybe this year,) )but not in my area, so, well done me!!!

Muse: Yes, well done you - you finally made the needles you've been wanting for FG work - you only grumbled about this idea for the past year. Next time just take my suggestion early on and we'll both be much happier."
Me: (sheepishly) "Yes, muse."

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl

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