Friday, August 20, 2010

A Giggle, A Laugh, It's all a Little Slap Dash......

Well, it's Friday once again. Almost the end of another work day/week. As I was pondering what to blog today, it came to me that perhaps this should be a blog in honor of all my fellow brothers and sisters of the knitting world. It is all of you that have enriched my life of late. I've been inspired, touched, taken down a peg, built up two pegs... I've laughed till me sides hurt and cried over your touching life stories.

As you may have seen in an earlier blog, I published my first knitting pattern on Ravelry this week. Within two days 19 of my fellow knitters decided to "Fav Place" my pattern. You may be saying, so what - 19 is nothing and in the grand scheme that is a small number, but in my scheme that is a huge number. So thank you to all of you that have paid me such a tremendous compliment. You made my week.

To those of you ladies that discussed the "Failed Design" thread - well all I can say is we had a good laugh. No one will ever be able to call knitting a hobby for boring little old ladies ever again. The designer that shared this situation with us, will forever see her re-vamped and new design in a completely different light. And I'll be there to purchase this pattern if she sells it as I will always be reminded of a few women having a little laugh together on a Friday afternoon on a very hot day in August.

These are just two examples of how you all have touched my life. Thanks a million and have a wonderful weekend.

Peace and joy to you all.....
The Green Girl.

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