Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I-Cord - U-Cord - We All Scream for I-Cord.....

They say there is better living through chemistry. A veiled reference to some ethereal high that can be obtained through drugs. Well, I have found that there is also better i-cord's through technology. What's an i-cord? The bane of my knitting existence (see picture for i-cord example.)

Some of you may know the i-cord from childhood when you were given a little wooden spindle with 4 nails in the top and hole running through the center of the spindle and some yarn. You may know i-cords by the name French knitting. All of these things mean the same same - pain in my backside! That was until last night....

Yesterday, I was discussing knitting and crocheting techniques with some of my fellow Ravelers and someone said that making i-cord (which can be done with knitting needles) was the thing she hated most. Well, I tend to agree with her, it's right up there with cleaning the toilet in my book of things that I just can't wait to do (yes - that's sarcasm.) Anyway, then another Raveler jumps into the conversation and she also posted a picture of this little gadget for making i-cord. Now, I'm all about the gadgets - if it's a gadget I have it or will find a way to get it and I can't blame the muse for that one. It's pure genetics right form my dad. I had two coupons for Hobby Lobby and I remember seeing this there - as a few of my fellow Ravelers were swearing by this thing, I thought why not give it a try.

Lunchtime, Monday 8/16/2010 - Place: Hobby Lobby - coupons in hand. I go to the knitting area grab the last Embellish Knit off the shelf and head to the check-out (via the low-low clearance yarn - got three skeins - I was meaning to try one of them anyway and I figured this was an economical way to do it as they were 80% off.) Now, I'm figuring that the girl at the checkout will only take one coupon for the Embellish Knit as that is their policy. Well, look out because the heavens opened and the angels sang - she took them both (they know me there let's just leave it at that.) I walked out of the store with an Embellish Knit, which promises to make me love i-cord again and three skeins of yarn for 8.00$ (money from my coin stash only) Glory Hallelujah!!!

Evening, Monday 8/16/2010 - Place: My Home Studio - yarn and Embellish Knit at the ready. Well, long story short - you see the result in the picture - One nice lovely little pink i-cord and I didn't even turn the air blue once. Praise Be!!! Then it happens the muse walks into the room sees the i-cord and starts doing her little dance and giggling like a 5 year old. Now I'm making an i-cord scarf - I only need to make 135 feet of i-cord spread among 9 different colorways of yarn. Heaven Help Me!!!

Regarding the Embellish Knit - it's a great little product - after I recover form the throws of i-cord mania, at least I won't be dreading the i-cord any longer.

Peace and joy to you all......
The Green Girl.

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