Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's In A Name.....

I grew-up in the greater Chicago land area of Illinois and when I was very little there was a morning children's show called, "Romper Room." The teacher was Miss Susan (we will call her miss Susan because there were a couple of different teachers over the years and yes I pulled the name from the Terry Pratchett Disc World series.) To borrow a line about Terry's character, "Miss Susan knew all things, she really did." And my Miss Susan had a magic mirror and at the end of every episode she would look into the mirror and say, "Romper Stomper Bomper Boo - tell me who do I see? Why, I see you." Then she would proceed to call out the names of all the children that she saw in her magic mirror (Steve, Beth, Tom, Stephanie, Diana.) Diana???? She saw me??? Wow!! I felt special, very special! Miss Susan knew my name.

Fast forward about 20 years and I find myself reading a book written by a Jewish Rabbi about the power of words. I wish to this day that I had kept that book. It made a lasting impact on me and how I use language. It also reminded me that using someone's name is a meaningful thing. I find that most of the time we use someone's name only when we don't really know them, but for family and friends we have found terms of endearment and nicknames to take the place of the person's actual name. I do this too, but I also try and remember that when I use a name the person I'm talking to is validated, there is no guessing as to whom I am speaking. I have even seen people's faces light up when their name is called. A name is a very special thing.

Fast forward to yesterday, 7/29/2010. I put out a blog regarding my frustration in not being able to get a pattern that I am designing to come together properly. As not many people read this blog yet, I figured this is mainly my way to purge excess frustration with myself. Then low and behold I got a message from a fellow Ravelry member. She paid the blog a nice compliment and noted several things that made me realize that she had read more than one posting. She also gave me some encouragement t0 keep going on the pattern. Well, I was thrilled! Someone had read this blog and commented and encouraged me, Diana.

Well, here it comes the purpose of this entire diatribe.... the name that encouraged me.
A great big thank you goes out to CAROLINE, my new friend from the UK. I worked on the pattern last night and I figured it out. Either my threat to the muse worked or your encouragement worked. I think it was you (I'm pretty sure my muse was still over at the pub.) Thank you so much, Caroline.

Peace and joy to you all...... (fill in your name here)

The Green Girl

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Lori said...

Greetings! I found your blog from Ravelry. I watched Romper Room as a small child, too. Miss Anne was the teacher then. When I was 4 my cousin got to be on the show. I was so envious! When I moved here to Bakersfield imagine my surprise to find that the head of the Board of Trade was none other than Miss Anne (Gutcher) of Romper Room.

Your post and it's acknowledgment of your friend and the story make me smile. Thanks!