Friday, July 30, 2010

Reunion Redux......

Well, it has been a week since we celebrated Dave's 30th High School class reunion. To sum it up in one sentence, a fantastic time was had by all. Of course I have to add a few more words... these folks seemed genuinely glad to see one another. There was hugging and back patting and picture taking every time we turned around. The pictures are still being released on Facebook. It was so nice to see these folks enjoying their time together. And Dave had a fabulous time, which was my greatest wish. Dave was not allowed to participate in a lot of HS activities so in order to help fulfill some of those old HS antics, I had our friend take our picture kissing in front of his old locker when we took the HS tour.
I particularly enjoyed spending time with some good friends (who were Dave's classmates and have become my friends in adulthood,) and then there was the yarn crawl. And we all know that's the real reason for any getaway - the chance to scout out new yarn. I was not disappointed.

My friend Leslie (her DH and mine apparently sat at the geek lunch table together in school) accompanied me on my adventure. Now Leslie is a non-knitter, but that's perfectly okay. She still understood the ideas and was able to throw in some great suggestions. Leslie is an artist (her work is beautiful) so she gets it when I look at color and texture like I'm in a trance. Having her there was a joy. It was just time for us to spend together, very nice.

I was able to come across a great 50% off sale on some lovely Superwash Merino (that was a stock-up purchase calling my name) and then there was one skein of sock yarn (full price -who cares - gotta have it) that just called out to me. Lovely muted reds and golds. These are going to be my socks (I don't even feel bad about not wanting to share in this case.) I think I want to do a leaf pattern in the socks. Using this yarn will make the leaves look like they are full of Autumn's fire. And to top it off, I believe (so does she) that the owner of one of the shops is a relative of mine. Actually it would be her DH that is directly related. We did some general discussion of the genealogy and we're pretty sure there is a cross over. What a small world!!

Except for the beastly 95+ degree heat, humidity and a storm that flooded Chicago and closed the airport, the weekend was truly lovely.

To all those having a reunion this summer, enjoy yourselves.
I guess it's time to start thinking about my 30th reunion next year.....

Peace and joy to you all........
The Green Girl

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