Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reunion Getaway...

This coming weekend is my husband's 30th High School Reunion. I know he's excited because he's been posting pictures to Facebook of himself and his friends from back in the day. He doesn't get on FB very often, so that was my first clue. I must say he was a cutie back then as well. Anyway, this entire thing can be pretty boring for a spouse that didn't go to the same school. I have been fortunate and had a chance to meet some of these folks and they are wonderful. I have become friends with a few special people and therefore my life has been enriched. So, what else could I want, but to escort my DH to the events and enjoy the time together with him and high school friends? You have probably guessed it by now, I'm going on a yarn crawl (you know like a pub crawl, but no booze. Lots of string though.)

I have been surfing the net for shops in Bloomington, Illinois. I've been making my list and checking it twice. I'm on a mission, as there are no independent yarn shops in my area of the state. Not a bleeping one - zilch!!! Very frustrating! I have even found that a fellow Raveler is attending another event in the same town this weekend and will be checking in at the same stores. I've talked a dear friend into going on this crawl with me and she is a non-knitter. However, she is an artist so maybe we'll have a convert by the end of the weekend. I think I get extra points for converting a non-knitter to a knitter. Hmm... maybe there should be a "convert" punch card. Convert 10 people to knitting and get a free set of Addi turbos or sock pattern and yarn of choice. Oh this is an exciting idea......

I have picked out the projects that I'm taking with to knit during the drive and during the the weekend. Do you think anyone will mind if I finish up a sock during the cocktail party on Friday night? Certainly will be a conversation starter. Perhaps I'll even find some folks to crawl with us on Saturday. DH may be mortified so maybe I'll just keep it in my handbag until the cocktails are flowing freely and no one will understand what they are seeing.

My goal during the crawl is to look at some Addi Turbo sets, check out all the sales and find some yummy yarns that want to come live in my stash. Maybe even a pattern or two. I have a list. If I didn't have a list, I'd come home with everything, including the kitchen sink. Oh I'm not so silly as to think there won't be an impulse buy, there will be!!!

I'll also try to grab some pictures along the way and post the good ones next week. So, if you're looking for a good way to spend a reunion weekend, plan ahead and take a crawl, a class, whatever fills in the time between cocktail hour on Friday and dinner on Saturday.

Peace and joy to you all....
The Green Girl

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