Friday, July 16, 2010

The Green Girl Blogs..... Oh My

This is it, my first blog. I decided that I would dedicate this blog to knitting, jewelry making and books. It just wouldn't be right not to blog about books. All kinds of books. I've been reading since I was four years old and the written word just never gets old. For me, knitting is yoga for the non-flexible. Knitting helps release the tension I build up while designing a new piece of jewelry. Jewelry making allows me to think outside the box. It's all just a circle.

OK - it's time to introduce myself. I am, Diana and I am 47 years old. I've been married to the same man for 28 years. His name is Dave and he is literally the best person I've ever met. I still learn new things about him after all these years and he makes me laugh daily. He is my luv. Dave and I have lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington and Illinois. I have also lived in Virginia. We are currently living just south of Chicago, Illinois.

I am formally educated in Biology, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Bio-anthropology, and Comparative Religions.

OK - enough general stuff. This is about knitting, jewelry making, and books. So, to start lets talk about a book that is about knitting. The title, "The Yarn Harlot," by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Stephanie is a neighbor to the north, she lives in Toronto Canada with her husband and three daughters. To say she is a knitter is to say that "Watson and Crick" were scientists. She is a KNITTER and they were SCIENTISTS!!!! I actually could have written this book, although the name of the husband would have had to have been changed from Joe to Dave. Otherwise there would have been questions. Stephanie is my kind of knitter in that she thinks the same as I about the art, the yarn, the tools, and she is just as nuts as I am about knitting in general. This is a book of essays and I was laughing, crying and nodding my head in agreement at every turn of the page. This may be why my neck is out of alignment for the past four days. I really need to get to the chiropractor. If you are at all interested in knitting, give this book a read and also it's sequel, "Free-Range Knitter." Hilarious stuff! However, if you crochet, be warned Stephanie is a bit well prejudiced about crocheting. In her defense, she tired!

I am currently trying to convert the knitting technique of Entrelac knitting over to technique that can be used on a knitting loom. I found that it helps to be in a zen place when trying to take a complicated idea and convert it to another form of knitting. Otherwise the TV is bound to get hit right in the face the next time I throw the yarn and loom across the room. Letting go of that tension may also help the whole neck out of alignment thing as well. I'm just thinking positively at the moment. When I have accomplished this task, I'll post some pictures and directions.

Now, I know that some knitters will think me a traitor for going to the loom. In my defense, I found that it helps me to knit chemo caps for my Facebook group quicker. In this situation I want quality and quantity each month and the loom allows for that. I had cancer three years ago and this group is my way to give back. I am healthy and well and I do what I can with no shame. So, don't go there unless you want a nice stroll in my shoes. I must also admit that loom knitting is quite fun. I have found very little in the form of patterns and so forth as compared to straight knitting so I am trying to help my fellow brother and sisters of the loom by converting some straight knitting techniques and creating some patterns for them to enjoy. These endeavors will all be blogged as I go.

OK - enough for today. I feel like I have rambled on a bit and I know I would never use this as a final draft in academics, but I was advised that this blog should be fun and easy and that whatever I do, do not make it about being perfect. I won't!!!

Peace and joy to you all...
The GreenGirl

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